Food Trends in San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a city of forward-thinkers and bold explorers. “Go West, Young Man!” still holds a lot of significance. When you get to the City by the Bay, when you’ve gone as far west as you can go without falling into the ocean, what do you do? Stay put, and eat. After all, San Francisco is home to more restaurants per capita than any other city in the U.S.[i]

S.F. is known for its food, as much as it’s known for its deep connection to the ever-growing technology and start-up industries. The city’s close proximity to the technology super-hub of the Silicon Valley means its residents are eager and ready to adopt technologies that simplify their lives and their dining experiences, as long as those technologies don’t impact the quality and purity of their food. So, you’d be on trend in ‘Frisco to say no to GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and a resounding YES to Revel’s PayPal™ integration.

Locally based businesses using Revel’s PayPal™ integration appear in the PayPal™ consumer app directory, giving the diners a chance to discover new businesses in their quest for the latest food trends in San Francisco. So, not only will turning to their PayPal™ app simplify the ordering and payment part of dining out for San Franciscans, it will feed their exploratory spirits and their need to see more and go further, as they use the app to discover new restaurants in their area.

What else is on trend in San Francisco’s food scene?

A Moment in Time: Environment is big in San Fran, and restaurants care more than just about the food. Rustic and old-fashioned are trendy—think reclaimed wood, chalkboards and filament bulbs.

A Little Petal in Your Craft Brew: San Fran is nothing if not hip. Craft brews are a big deal, and there are some really exceptional local breweries in the region. In fact, a whopping seven of Beer Advocate’s Top 25 brews come from the Golden State[ii]. The latest trend in beer is the herbal infusion. Think herbs and flowers like licorice, eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, yarrow and mushrooms, and even really out-there additions like bog myrtle and mugwort. There was a time when making beer this way served a homeopathic purpose. Right now, it’s just the trendy new (old) thing.

A Cup by Any Other Name: San Francisco eateries have embraced unique beverage holders in a big way. As the Moscow Mule surged in popularity, cute copper mugs began popping up (and being stolen from) everywhere. Mason jars, those glass jam containers your grandmother always used, are another on-point cup of choice—they invoke a casual, rustic and retro vibe.

Super Grains are Super Stars: Many “super grains” also fall into the ancient grains category – and both are big news. Amaranth, chia, quinoa, kamut, spelt, purple and black rice, teff—each of these has a fantastic nutritional profile, a unique taste and a growing following.

It’s on the House: Housemade, from scratch, grown on site – from sausages to beer to desserts and everything in between, SF eateries are taking pride in getting their hands dirty. Sourcing and preparing are happening more and more on-site, even down to the tiniest detail.

If you’re in San Francisco, be sure to download the PayPal™ app—capitalize on the trends above, and discover your own!