Revel Blog | Revel | April 28, 2014 |

Lisa Falzone Industry Insights

FinTech:  A Women 2.0 + Mastercard Popup Event

Join Revel CEO Lisa Falzone at tomorrow’s Women 2.0 + Mastercard Popup Event, from 5:30 to 7:30pm in San Jose. Lisa will be speaking on female entrepreneurs in tech, and you’ll hear from other experts the space, including Carol Realini, mobile-banking pioneer and entrepreneur, and Shaherose Charania, co-founder and CEO of Women 2.0.

The theme of this popup event centers on “FinTech,” or finance-tech. It will be a networking opportunity for both men and women interested in finance and technology (and how the two intersect), and all attendees will hear from the aforementioned thought leaders in the industry.

The event takes place at the Mosaic Lounge in downtown San Jose, and starts at 5:30. It takes place on the heels of a Twitter chat on #Fintech in which Lisa participated. Some interesting questions were raised, including, “How does one build an innovative company while also taking care of safety?” Lisa’s response was apt:  “It’s a balance--we tend to dream big, but also make sure to ask the hard questions on security.” Another great question raised was “What are some of the challenges FinTech startups face?” This will certainly be discussed in-depth at the popup event, but Lisa’s response was also of note--she pointed to the ongoing importance of security, especially in light of the recent breaches at Michael’s and Target.

So join Lisa tomorrow, and network with thought leaders in the FinTech space. If you can’t make it this time, be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates.