VSR Business Optimization Summit

Vertical Systems Resellers is holding their annual Business Optimization Summit in just a few short weeks. Never been? This is your opportunity to learn about growing trends and innovations in the VAR (Value-added reseller) business model and the role resellers play in that business model. This year’s focus is “Channel Change Agents:  Emerging Technologies and Transformational Solutions.”

This is the first time Business Optimization Summit heads west, with a second conference in San Diego, CA. You’ll attend seminars that will help you build your business, and network with others in your industry.

The Business Optimization summit will include the following points of insight:

  • The Next-Generation VAR: How Mobility Can Pay Off
  • Breaking Boundaries: How to Branch out Beyond the Reseller Model
  • Emerging Technologies & Markets: Where to Place Your Bets
  • Rethinking the Customer/VAR Relationship
  • Consumer Loyalty: The New Benchmark for ROI
  • ISV Panel Discussing How Software is Driving Innovation

Revel iPad POS CEO Lisa Falzone will be speaking at the event. She’ll tell you all about our iPad POS solution, as well as discussing some of the key points from the Business Optimization Summit. We heartily agree with the many of the above-mentioned insights, and are prepared to show you how our mPOS solution can help take your business mobile. Even though we’re a B2B company, we’re big on the power of the consumer, and are eager to show you ways in which our solution can help you build relationships with customers, including integrated CRM and loyalty programs.

Join Lisa May 12-14, 2014 at the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego, CA. We look forward to meeting you, and discussing the ways in which we can help optimize your business.