Restaurant Landscape: Omaha

Loyal Customers with Open Minds

This bustling midwest city, the largest in Nebraska with a population of over 400,000, is a great place to start a business. With over 5,000 restaurants according to WikiAnswers , Omaha is a world class city offering dining options for both local and visiting gourmands alike.  A recent story on The Reader covers the Omaha food scene in great detail and offers an insider’s look at the vast culinary options available. The essential observation by the article’s author on the Omaha food scene for 2014 is a simple one: “We will continue to be loyal customers, supporting our favorite restaurants. We will admire and praise our innovative chefs that are driving our food scene into mainstream America while opening our eyes and mouths to new things.”

More than Steak

When you think of Omaha, Nebraska, you immediately think of steak. And, while steak is definitely the city’s most popular dining choice served by dozens of steakhouses, there are plenty of other equally scrumptious cuisine choices available. According to Visit Omaha dinners can choose from chef-created specialty restaurants, intimate sidewalk cafes, burger joints, drive-throughs, diners, sweet shops and a wide range of ethnic eateries providing flavors from all corners of the globe. These include Mexican, Italian, French, German and Asian offerings with each offering a unique interpretation of the old world classics.

Innovating Payments

Open minds and innovation reach well beyond just food in Omaha. Another part of the dining experience where Omaha is leading in innovation is with payments. With PayPal being one of the largest employers in the area, the Omaha restaurant scene is one of the leading cities right now offering consumers enhanced dining experiences through innovative mobile payment options.

Nowadays, people want to do more and more on their mobile devices and with PayPal™’s mobile app, consumers can do everything from paying on their mobile phone to ordering ahead to skip long lines or paying at the table instead of waiting for the server to process their credit card.

For restaurant owners, accepting mobile payments through PayPal gives them the ability to offer their customers a new and secure way to pay. There’s benefits to the business as well - once PayPal™ mobile payments is enabled, their business will receive a free listing within PayPal™’s mobile app directory, giving them visibility to a whole population of customers searching for new restaurants to try. They can even offer special perks and rewards through the PayPal™ mobile app to build loyalty and drive return visits.

Additionally, incorporating PayPal™ gives customers an additional level of security and peace of mind--because they must enter their own, unique pins in order to pay, they can rest assured that their money is safe.

A Complete Solution

Revel Systems works with PayPal™ to provide restaurant and other business owners additional options now available through your current iPad POS. Setup is fast and easy once your business is running Revel’s iPad POS. Once your business is set up on Revel’s backend, your business will be visible to customers using the PayPal™ app. The app is available for all Apple and Android devices and is secure and intuitive. More information on Revel’s integration with PayPal™ can be found here.

To see the Revel and PayPal™ solution in action, be sure to check out Kitchen Table. Try some of their delicious sandwiches, snacks, and salads made from scratch, and see how easy it is to check with PayPal™ to pay. You’ll get a taste of some of the best of what Omaha has to offer, and you’ll have a seamless payment experience with Revel and PayPal.™