Top Benefits of Cloud-based iPad POS for Restaurants

Revel Blog | Revel | April 18, 2014 |

cloud-based iPad POS always on restaurants

There’s a mass exodus in place in the restaurant business. As owners flee from the confines of traditional terminals backed by a server, cloud-based iPad POS systems are coming to the rescue. Have you made the switch yet? Here’s how the cloud can save you from hours of extra work and hassle.

Secure Database. Every transaction you ring in means another deposit to the data bank. As a restaurant owner, you collect information constantly: on customer spending habits, product sales, order histories, and more. A cloud-based iPad POS like Revel not only stores more data than a computer server, it keeps that data encrypted and backed up. This means more security with zero hold-ups.

Tip: Use the information you collect to your advantage. Revel’s data analytics and reporting makes sense of your data, turning statistics into knowledge about what sells. You can also use your data to start building a CRM and customer loyalty program.

Streamlined Operations, from Anywhere. Before the cloud was an option, restaurateurs with multiple locations made frequent business trips to check back office for each establishment to just keep operations running smoothly. The cloud eliminates the inconvenience, and expense of this legacy process. Quickly access detailed, up-to-date business information on every branch from the comfort of home or anywhere you have access to a computer.

Tip: Even the most efficient managers find that cloud-based architecture improves and eases the auditing process, so you can check on operations more often and still make time to have dinner with your family.

Always On. One of the most frustrating moments in a business owner’s life is when the server goes down, and can happen far too regularly with a traditional back-end server. In addition to lost sales revenue, downtime comes with the nagging fear of permanent data loss. Revel’s is the only iPad POS system to offer Always On Mode, running at optimum speed and functionality, even in the event of an Internet outage.

Tip: Servers are complicated to install, operate, and maintain. With a cloud-based iPad POS system, the only back-office hardware you’ll need is your laptop or your mobile phone.

Reduced Cost, Increased Value. Cloud-based operations will save you lots of time on your commute and less dollars at the gas pump. With this extra time, you can focus more on the details of your business that matter--whether that’s optimizing ingredient prices per dish, or how many workers to plan on a specific shift.