5 Big Retail Trends for Spring 2014

Spring is almost in the air, and the fashion experts are all abuzz with upcoming retail trends for spring. Get the latest updates on what’s trending with consumers today, and be sure to carry what they’ll want come the warmer weather.

Here are 5 top retail trends for spring:

  1. Customized Products
    According to Business Insider, savvy retailers will take advantage of one of 2014’s newest trends: customizable products. Offering options like custom-engraved jewelry and pre-selected color combinations empowers fashion-forward consumers with unique attire and accessories that showcase their personalities. Elle and Vogue report similar trends for spring 2014, citing “hand-painted clothing” and “wearable art” as key markers of the upcoming season. Another custom product of note is 3D printed jewelry, which is a great way to express style in a totally unique and tech-savvy way.

  2. Leather
    Leather never seems to go out of style. For this spring, Harpers Bazaar recommends stocking up on cropped moto jackets that pair well with crisp blouses and understated handbags. When it comes to leather shoes, there’s good news for fashionistas who’d like to give their feet a break from stilettos and high heels: sensible shoes and low-heeled pumps are in.

  3. Clip-on Earrings
    Keep your accessories rack current and funky with one of spring’s funnest trends: clip-on earrings. Customers of every budget should be able to afford what Elle’s “10 Rules of the Season” dubs an all-out “ear party.” With ear cuffs, feel free to stock everything from pearl and crystal to lacquered metal – unique ear cuffs that pair with simple studs are where it’s at.

  4. Patterns and Colors
    The runways have spoken. Bold colors and shine finishes will make spring lines dazzle. Offset your metallics and colored clothing with another spring trend: stripes, floral patterns, and logos. With the right selection and presentation, your customers should beeline from an irresistible window display to the clothing rack, dressing room, and finally – the register.

  5. The Sporty Look
    The sporty look for spring 2014 is casual and playful, with hints at athleticism, from varsity jackets and designer baseball caps to a new take on the tennis sweater, which might pair well with another big trend for spring – pleats. Let your customers go where they will with the sporty look, incorporating other trends you’ve addressed, like sparkly earrings and comfy shoes, to their outfits.

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