5 Reasons Why Freddy's BBQ Should Use Revel POS

Spoiler alert:  for those of you who have not yet finished season two of the Netflix original series House of Cards, you may want to skip this blog post. While this post will not give away any major plot developments, it does contain details of the Freddy storyline which you may wish to discover for yourself.

That said, we at Revel are excited for Freddy’s success as both a purveyor of the finest ribs in DC (and the favorite dish of Vice President Frank Underwood), as well as his potential franchise operation. Even though the franchise deal may be tabled for now, we believe Revel is the ideal POS solution for Freddy’s BBQ in its current state, as well as for when he decides to expand.

Here are our top 5 reasons why Freddy's BBQ should use a Revel POS:

  1. CRM:  With such high powered customers like the Vice President of the United States, Freddy needs an integrated customer relationship management system to keep track of them. A CRM will help Freddy take note of customer preferences and aversions, as well as detailed order history. It will also help Freddy build out his loyalty program when word about his delicious ribs spreads on Capitol Hill.

  2. Inventory management:  How many ribs does Freddy sell in a day? How many ribs does Frank Underwood eat each time he visits Freddy’s BBQ? With a Revel POS, Freddy can easily access this information either on his POS system or via mobile device. Each time Freddy sells ribs they are deducted from his inventory, so he knows how much he’s selling and when to order more.

  3. Catering management:  Although Freddy’s BBQ is more of a fast casual establishment, Freddy is occasionally called upon to cater large charity events or presidential dinners. He’ll be prepared for these events with Revel’s catering management console. Freddy can easily track and manage pre-orders and attach customer information to each order, ensuring these events go off without a hitch.

  4. Intelligent reporting:  Are the slow-bled ribs selling better than the regular ribs? Are they worth the extra cost? Freddy now has this information at his fingertips with his Revel intelligent reporting suite. Freddy can track his sales numbers down to the item level, which will help him determine whether new products are a hit or not (and whether they’re turning a profit).

  5. Franchise management:  Once Freddy does decide to take his business to the next level, Revel’s Enterprise POS will ensure his continued success. Features such as the master/child setup will enable him to create a master establishment and subsequent mirrored “child” establishments, ensuring the purity and consistency of the Freddy’s BBQ brand. User Access Control will enable him to monitor which reports are visible to which employees and franchisees, and he can easily monitor all locations from one easy dashboard.

We hope that Freddy considers a Revel POS, and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Although the future of Freddy’s BBQ may seem uncertain, we have a feeling that Frank Underwood will need plenty of ribs in season three.