Top 3 Benefits of iPad POS for a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Maximizing Your Frozen Yogurt Shop’s Potential With iPad POS

All of the froyo store owners and managers of the world rejoice:  It’s 2014 and you still have the best job of any food purveyor in the world. You offer people the most tasty and delicious treat of all time. Kids, adults and grandparents love frozen yogurt and the best part of their day is when they get to take a trip to your shop.

It’s a new year, and you may be looking at how you can maximize your shop’s earning potential. While marketing and knowledge of your clientele go a long way, perhaps you should consider adopting an iPad POS.  An iPad POS system can speed up transactions, improving your bottom line while increasing customer satisfaction.

Here are the top 3 benefits of iPad POS for frozen yogurt:

  • Keep the line moving:  Wouldn’t it be nice if, during those peak hours, you didn’t have a bunch of frustrated people waiting in line while other customers were slowly sampling flavors, figuring out what they want? With an iPad POS, you can solve that problem. Imagine a system where your cashiers could move around your restaurant, taking orders from everyone freely. Customers who need a few samples to figure out their flavor of choice can take all of the time they want! Your customers would all be satisfied and your staff would never be idle. This streamlined process is only possible with the flexibility offered by an iPad point-of-sale system.
  • Open your Doors:  With an iPad point of sale, you could extend your store boundaries beyond your front door. Create a seating area in front of your shop, and let people enjoy their time at your establishment without having to order at the counter. Create a system where the yogurt is brought to them, so that they spend more time at your store. Why not turn your cashiers into a wait staff? You could be the first and only frozen yogurt shop that delivers frozen yogurt like a restaurant. iPad POS is also great for small events and fairs.
  • Track your inventory:  For frozen yogurt shop owners, keeping track of your inventory is key. Not only do you want to know when a topping needs to be reordered, but you want to know what your best-sellers are. With an iPad POS like Revel Systems, you can track which flavors are the most popular with your customers and how much yogurt each member of your staff is selling. With this type of data collection, you’re store will always be the most competitive yogurt shop in town.

If you’d like to learn more about taking your frozen yogurt business to the next level with an iPad POS system, read more here.