Choosing the Best WiFi Router for Your Business

The WiFi router is a sometimes forgotten component in the business environment, but it’s an extremely important element in keeping your POS system performing at its best. There are many models to choose from (for both home and business applications) and selecting the right router for your business can be tricky.  While routers designed for home use may work in your business, routers specifically designed for business applications have one key feature most home units don’t – enhanced security.

A February 2012 article in PC World outlined a few of the security issues WiFi router users should consider when employing a device for business. The article recommended VPN router/firewall products, especially if security is crucial to your operation. If you’re in business, you’ll need a router solution that is better than a simple “off the shelf” device from an electronics store.

Since Revel’s iPad POS is Apple® based, the system works in perfect harmony with other Apple® products; and that includes routers. After extensive research, Revel Systems has chosen two Apple® routers that provide the performance and security your POS System requires. The Apple® Express Router and the Apple® Airport Extreme Router. Revel also offers a Guest Internet Hotspot Gateway, the UniFi® WiFi Management system from Ubiquiti Networks™ for additional Wireless Access options.

The Apple® Express is a quick, easy router solution that meets industry standards for security and starts at just $99. Apple® spec sheets state that it takes less time getting your WiFi network up and running than it does to make a cup of coffee. Configuration is a snap since the setup assistant is built right into the iOS for trouble free operation from the moment the device comes online. The Apple® Express router supports simultaneous dual-band 802.11n WiFi so you’ll enjoy fast, safe performance of all POS functions.

Another member of the Revel router family is the Apple® AirPort Extreme; a fast and powerful WiFi business solution. The Airport Extreme Bas Station features 802.11ac technology for data rates up to 1.3 Gbps – triple the 802.11n standard. By doubling the channel bandwidth, the device provides enhanced connectivity that assures no slowdowns or functionality issues in your POS.  The Airport Extreme employs “beamforming” that pin-points its signal to your Revel POS system for a faster, cleaner WiFi signal. And, installation is a smooth, easy process as is the case with all Revel hardware.

Revel’s third entry is the UniFi® WiFi Management system from Ubiquiti Networks™ . This device increases WiFi signals to enhance efficiency and prevent slowdowns. The system installs easily with intuitive software then manages all Wireless Access Points through one simple interface utilizing industry leading hardware. The UniFi® Management System includes WiFi 802.11ac MIMO technology, capable of ranges of up to 400 feet. This WiFi solution is fully scalable to your business and can grow as your business does. You can start with one device and expand to thousands as your enterprise prospers. It works especially well for Enterprise POS users or in configurations featuring multiple terminals in a large area.

Why leave something as important as your business WiFi connections to chance? Let Revel show you a router that’s right for you. When you no longer have to worry about the strength of your WiFi signal, you can focus on what matters most:  Running your business.