Top 4 Grocery Trends for 2014

Coming soon to the aisles of your local grocery store: new trends for a new year. Just as the flip of the calendar brings resolutions and new ideas, so does it offer fresh concepts for an ever-evolving industry.

Here are the top 4 grocery trends for 2014:

  1. Protein-packed snacks:  Protein-packed breakfasts featuring products such as Egg Beaters and Greek yogurt are in, according to the Omaha World-Herald, with stores beefing up their premade breakfast selections to make the act of grabbing-and-going a healthy possibility. Also in demand, says the World-Herald, are more health-conscious snacks positioned to bring groceries into stronger competition with specialty stores. International foods are also hitting mainstream grocery stores in bulk, packaged and premade forms, reflecting an increasingly diverse population as well as heightened consumer interest in cooking with these products.

  2. If life gives you lemons:  Supermarket News reports that in particular, lemons will hit the spotlight as a newly beloved staple, finding use as a preserve as well as a flavor enhancer. Similarly, egg yolks are expected to find use when it comes to brightening flavors. Tea is also expected to find a new life outside the cup as a replacement for less healthful products such as oil and butter, and nut milks are poised for a renaissance as chefs cater to dairy-free desires.

  3. Harness technology:  Changes aren’t just coming to inventory, but also to the technological side of things. Retail Technology Trends writes that, of all things, the handing out of free samples is about to become automated via a kiosk where shoppers must scan a loyalty card to get their loot. What’s more, shoppers are expected to get more social, particularly when it comes to sites such as Pinterest.

  4. Amp up your grocery store with an iPad POS:  The iPad has previously been pointed out by Retail Technology Trends as a competitive option for a point of sale device, and this trend is expected to continue into 2014. With its compact size, durability and room for expansion, the iPad offers an extremely viable means of managing a point of sale solution in a grocery environment. Perhaps most importantly, it has the ability to help grocers manage their business smartly in an ever-changing industry.

We hope these grocery trends give you some ideas for 2014. For further inspiration, be sure to stop by our booth at the National Grocers Association Show in Las Vegas, February 9-12.