Gift Cards: A Link Between Business & Consumer

Revel Blog | Revel | December 26, 2013 |

iPad POS Features gift cards loyalty program

Put It to Work: How to Make Revel’s Loyalty and Gift Card Features a Credit to Your Business

Christmas has drawn to a close, and now it's time for lucky recipients to break out their gift cards. More personal than cash and less risky than a hand-picked item, gift cards save time and offer recipients a range of options. It’s no wonder more than 80 percent of the U.S. population exchanged gift cards last year. The popularity of gift cards continues to rise, replacing paper certificates as the currency of choice among gift givers and receivers alike.

This means that for business owners today, gift card programs are an essential component of a merchandizing strategy. With Revel’s gift and loyalty programs built into the POS system, it’s easier than ever for business owners to get up to speed, integrating gift cards in a straightforward, customizable manner. Here are 4 ways Revel’s gift card features go to work for your business:

Build Your Customer Base. Gift cards create a link between your business and the customer, one that will last long after the value of the gift card has been spent. More than half of customers will visit a retailer more than once in order to redeem a gift card’s full value, and the majority of new customers trying out a retailer for the first time after receiving a gift card time become repeat shoppers.

For those who have yet to incorporate gift cards into their client retention strategy, Revel’s iPad POS solution takes just minutes to install and there is no limit to the number of cards available.

Increase Sales. One of the primary benefits of a well-run gift card program is increased sales. The average shopper spends an extra 20 percent beyond a gift card’s value. And because gift card recipients choose their own gifts, businesses with an effective gift card program in place spend less money handling returns.

Gift cards also empower business owners to target sales growth with a specific marketing campaign. These include issuing gift card credits for spending a set amount during the promotional period, or developing a B2B gift card program with a corporate partner. Use Revel’s iPad POS solution to manage and streamline your reward program – straight from your point-of-sale application.

Promote Your Brand. One of the best aspects of a loyalty program: everyone wins. Customers are rewarded with convenience and perks. As a retailer, you are essentially issuing currency for exclusive use in your business. Moreover, each gift card distributed acts as a calling card for your brand. Revel’s POS solution can maximize your loyalty program’s advertising potential with customizable features. Use the app to include a name and logo on your gift card, or add a personal touch to the reward program.

Save Resources. Distributing rewards should not equate with a sharp rise in overhead. Set up a greener reward program using Revel’s 10-digit PIN (such as a cell phone) in lieu of a physical gift card. For customers who opt for a physical card, reduce waste by allowing them to use the same cards for both gift and reward programs.