Top 5: Updates for Revel POS Version 1503

The Revel Engineering team is proud to announce the release of Atlas 1503, together with supporting changes in the Backend, KDS and Display. We’re continuing to focus our efforts on stabilizing our current code base. The Release includes 5 new features, approximately 20 enhancements and lots and lots of bug fixes. In the video below, Revel Account Manager Wilson gives a breakdown of the 5 new features for the Revel POS Version 1503 release.

  1. Table Timers – By setting, tables will now change color to dark blue after making a payment and again to bright green after X number of minutes have passed. This is enabled under Settings/Table Service Settings.
  2. Multiple Categories per Product – Each product will still have a main category/subcategory, but now you can assign additional category/subcategories to the product and the ipad menu will display it in each.
  3. Infinea swipes can now read Valuetec gift cards
  4. Tip Entry UI - By going to Settings/ Tips Processing, employees can access their payments in the batch process to add tips.
  5. Asynchronous Client Server Syncing – Client server syncing has been updated to support our Quick Service POS.

Thanks for reading our 1503 Release Notes. Please keep in mind, all new builds are cumulative, but not all builds will be right for your POS. If there are features you see here that you would like to upgrade to, you will need to contact your support or customer advocacy representative to ensure we can get you all the most current features on the most stable build!