Sweet Technology:  High Tech & Cupcakes at Cako Bakery

Revel Blog | Revel | December 5, 2013 |

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In a story recently covered by KRON 4 News, Cako Bakery of San Francisco, CA is using innovative new ways to share the joy of cupcakes.

Cako has developed a way of knowing their customers as soon as they walk in the door, and have created a personalized buying experience. By tracking customer buying habits—much like Amazon--Cako is able to tailor their offerings to the individual customer.

Cako’s mobile app, developed by Index and integrated into the Revel POS, greets customers as they walk in the door with a welcome message. The app can then recommend them treats based on past purchases, and offers them special, customized deals based on their buying habits. As Marc Freed-Finnegan of Index notes, it’s like customers are being “logged into the physical store,” much like an online shopping experience.

This mobile app not only creates a personalized, custom experience for Cako customers--it also incentivizes them to try new products, and rewards them when they return. It gives customers a personalized way to buy cupcakes based on what they’ve enjoyed in the past, and gives them a fun way to explore new flavors and earn reward points.

Freed-Finnegan points out that “shopping is about discovery,” and Cako’s mobile app seeks to bring customers back to this experience while giving them a personalized, high-tech way of enjoying cupcakes.