iPad Stands for Retail Point of Sale

Revel Blog | Revel | November 22, 2013 |

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It’s hard to believe that the Apple iPad has only been around since April 2010. In three and a half years, it has fully embedded itself into both personal and business applications. It’s difficult to think of another device that has integrated so seamlessly and quickly into modern culture. The telephone (another pretty handy device) was invented in 1876 and took almost 70 years before a national numbering plan took effect. The numbering system created area codes and the seven digit numbers we use today in response to the growing number of telephone users according to an article on the Great Achievments.org website.

The retail industry was quick to see the benefits of incorporating the iPad into its business model to improve the in-store experience. Custom iPad stands for retail are a major part of the iPad’s integration into the industry, and allow full tablet functionality and security--as well as an attractive way of displaying the iPad. As new apps designed with retailers in mind were released, the integration of iPads grew deeper as the customer experience was enhanced by the versatility of the tablet devices. A November 2012 article from Business Insider outlined a few if the uses retailers are incorporating into the business model like the replacement of cash registers. iPad stands for retail are essential accessories when making the transition from bulky cash registers to sleek iPad terminals.

There are an incredible amount of uses for iPads in the retail environment. The device can be used for sales presentations, comparative shopping and checking prices from local competitors. It can also be used as a stand-alone kiosk device allowing customers to browse your catalog or check sizes and inventory levels at their leisure. Point of Sale options are also available from locations throughout your store. Regardless of the iPad’s use, a proper stand for the device is required to assure easy access and full functionality.

The proper iPad POS stand needs to be both functional and esthetically pleasing. A clunky stand, or one that doesn’t allow the proper level of customer or employee interaction, can be a detriment to the sales process. A flimsy stand may not provide the needed level of security for the tablet device itself, making it a target for thieves. The correct mix of security, functionality and design is essential when deciding which iPad stand to choose.

Revel Systems has a versatile line of iPad POS stands for retail that will fit any in-store applications. If you’re looking for Point of Sale versatility, a stand designed to accept your preferred methods of payment is the right choice. A durable stand that can take the pounding of busy fingers all day is the right solution for kiosk displays or restaurant usage. Other designs like Arm Mounts or Swivel Stands can incorporate your iPad into any retail environment. You’ve made the move to iPads, so why not complete the transition with a proper stand from Revel Systems? Or, if you prefer a design option that doesn’t include stands, Revel’s Mobile POS is the solution for you.