Revel POS Scores a Touchdown at Alabama State University

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Revel has just entered a new arena, literally. The New Alabama State University Football Stadium and Gourmet Services selected Revel Systems to provide POS systems throughout the entire stadium.  This is the first iPad POS install of this magnitude across the country for any sporting franchise.

“Revel Systems’ iPad POS runs so much faster than the registers we were using before,” said Gourmet Services’ executive vice president, Alfred Baker. “In just 30 minutes we had all of our staff trained on the POS. Best of all, we are saving a minimum of five hours a week on inventory. For example, we stocked 10,000 bottles for the game and only sold 3,000. Before Revel, we would have to count the remaining stock in each stand to know what to order for the next game. Now I can just check all that from my computer or smartphone at any time, even as the game is in progress. Managing reports for 30 terminals was very time intensive, and with Revel it’s a breeze.”

Although a stadium’s ticket sales are a major source of revenue for a sport franchise, extra streams of revenue from concessions within that stadium are a close second. Many stadiums offer a partnership between vendors in a stadium and the franchise team itself. For many professional sports teams, that shared revenue is nothing to sneeze at.

"Those numbers are typically not disclosed, but it's not unusual for the team to get 40 to 45 percent of the gross," says Jim Grinstead, publisher of the annual reference guide Revenues From Sports Venues. "That's a big chunk of money, and that's also one of the reasons you see concessions prices as high as they are."

From a revenue standpoint, even the slightest difference in average time per customer or menu pricing could be extremely beneficial to both the stadium and franchise team owner.  Menu prices can only go so high before fans have had enough, but the speed at which transactions occur can lead to a significant increase in concession sales. Revel’s POS has shown to increase the speed of business in these type of quick serve establishment by up to 14%.  This means shorter lines for fans, and increased revenues for businesses. Whatever the score on the field, it’s a win – win for consumers and stadiums alike.

Time is of the essence in stadiums—both for the players on the field and the employees working the concessions stand. Revel not only increases transactions speeds—while simultaneously increasing revenue—but saves valuable time for owners and employees, time that would otherwise be spent laboriously counting inventory or checking reports. Revel keeps fans happy—and buying—while increasing the efficiency of a high volume stadium.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row]