Top 3: Juicy's at the OC Fair

Fair season is in full swing, and Revel's iPad point of sale system is at one of the biggest fairs in California, the Orange County Fair. Located in Costa Mesa, the OC Fair runs for 23 days and attracts vendors from all across the country. One of the vendors, Juicy's Food, has chosen Revel to operate 4 BBQ stands at the fair including the World's Largest BBQ Grill, a beast of a truck known as the Outlaw Grill. Although it's not an exhibit, Revel is turning heads of fairgoers with it's unique display and ease of use. Below are the top 3 ways Juicy's is using Revel at the OC Fair.

1) Easy Setup - 55 iPads spread across 4 stands sounds like a lot of work each day, but Revel makes it a breeze. Our magnetic stand snaps right onto the cash drawer, and the iPad is already pre-configured to pair with your bluetooth Star Micronics printer. Setup takes about as long as it takes to turn on an iPad.


2) Social Media Integration - With Revel's social media integration, you can let customers know your location and/or fill them in on what specials you're serving up. Send tweets or Facebook updates without ever leaving the Revel app.


3) Quick Lines - There's no need to worry about long lines leading to unhappy customers. Revel's advanced interface allows employees to easily select menu items with the touch of a finger. Costumers will have no problem satisfying their hunger as orders are placed within seconds. No cash, no problem. Attached to the iPad are Infinea Mobile Swipes for all types of payment options.


Visit our Events page for more information on how to use Revel at your next event.