A Quality Cup of Caffé Cova

Boriana DiMonte, owner of Caffé Cova, would like you to leave her coffee shop with one word in mind—quality. Born and raised in Italy, Boriana believes quality is essential to culture and lifestyle: "I come from a culture which is all about quality. Quality from friendships to food to working, that's Italy." Caffé Cova, located inside the Citigroup Center in San Francisco, uses the concept of quality to serve office tenants in prominent class A buildings. Cova comes from the Italian word covare, which means to hatch, as Boriana explains, "...we want to hatch a good quality life for the people that work too much."

DiMonte's career in the coffee business started about 20 years ago when she decided to change her quality of life after becoming a mother. Having a background in biology, she moved to a small town in Tuscany where she dedicated her knowledge of science to wine and arts of the Italian culture. After dealing with wine for the past two decades, Boriana moved to San Francisco and was exposed to different requirements and products that allowed her to combine her love of wine with coffee. She believes, "Coffee is just like wine, it's culture, it's lifestyle, and quality just makes that better." Boriana quickly discovered America is the land of coffee consumers, and began importing local wood-fire roast coffee to bring Italian culture overseas. With the goal of serving the best consistent quality to consumers, she opened Caffé Cova.

When choosing a point of sale system for her café, Boriana wanted to match the quality of her system with the quality of her coffee. As an Apple customer she loves the elegance of their products and knew she wanted an iPad behind the counter, "I have to say I'm an iPad customer. It's elegant, it's compact. I did not want to have one of those big brick screens that takes over the counter. That takes away from the elegancy of the counter." The look of a product is one thing, how it operates is another. Boriana selected Revel as her iPad POS because, as she states, "I needed a full service system that was beautiful and sophisticated. That means not only my inventory, not only my fast track of customers and database, but also great reports and consistency...Everything about Revel made sense for me!"

Caffé Cova's focus on delivering quality to consumers has sparked a second opening available to the public in 3 months time. Located on California Street, in the Financial District of San Francisco, Boriana is especially excited for the opening because she will be able to serve wine. Whichever Caffé Cova you find yourself in, expect to see coffee, Revel, wine, and most importantly, quality.