Film Noir & Pinot Noir: The Best of Both Worlds in Hayes Valley

Two giant, rustic wood-paneled doors open on the fashionable sidewalks of Hayes Street in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Inside is the welcoming ambiance of Noir Lounge, a jazz-inspired wine bar featuring inviting couches, glowing surfaces, and screenings of classic noir films. On one of the couches sits the owner, Brian Cassanego, comfortably speaking on his love of wine. “I love the complexity of wine. You can make so many types of wine from one single grape. That’s the story behind certain bottles. One bottle you’re drinking, there are hundreds of people behind it, there are hundreds of years [sic].” Cassanego, a San Francisco native, opened Noir Lounge in March of 2013 with people in mind. He wanted his business to operate with a smooth flow, much like the many reds and whites on tap in his bar, and decided to choose the most fluent iPad POS system on the market, Revel Systems.

Cassanego knew he wanted an iPad-based point of sale system because he believed the sleek look of the iPad would be a perfect complement to the look and feel of Noir. “I really like the idea of an iPad-based system,” Cassanego says, “It’s where technology is going.” Shopping around before his opening, Brian came across Revel and never looked back. He was impressed almost instantly with Revel’s features saying he loves, “ configurations work, how we can change it to cater to our needs, how I can call up tech support and say what I want and it gets done [sic].”

As a business owner, Brian is a man of details. With the complexities of owning a wine bar, he needs a system of detailed reporting to show what glasses and bottles are selling, what products to buy more of, and what to stay away from. Revel does all this and more as Cassanego explains his favorite feature, "As a wine bar we change wines on a weekly basis, so I have to keep adding new products all the time and that's so simple. That's what I love about Revel, the ease of adding products. I do it all the time, all I have to do is add the product, refresh the system, and it's done. It takes me a minute."

Whether you’re on a beach, on a boat, or on a chair in Noir Lounge, Revel will do the work for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of red or white.