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Why Team Management is Important for Your Tech Stack

Kelly Hogan | December 22, 2021 |

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Why Team Management is Important for Your Tech Stack

When it comes to running your business, being able to make smart, data-driven decisions is vital to your success. One important aspect of making informed decisions is having the right employee management—or team management—software in place. 

Did you know there are team management solutions that integrate directly to cloud-based point of sale (POS) platforms? With this technology you can improve employee communication and access real-time labor insights, helping you make informed decisions at the appropriate time. 

Cloud-native POS platforms, like Revel Systems, offer an open API architecture that easily integrates with best-in-breed solutions, including solutions focused on team management.

Why Focus on Team Management?

Current labor crisis aside, a great team management solution helps ensure that managers have instant access to employee schedules, timesheets, sales reports, accounting records, and other essential information. 

Today there is technology to help with your team management needs, offering vastly more features and benefits than the pen-and-paper approach of the recent past. 

One of the tech benefits includes real-time updates, which guarantee that your data is as current as possible, and can help mitigate challenges like last-minute schedule changes, employees moving from one role to another within a work shift, and other unpredictable events. 

Benefits of a Team Management System

There are some great benefits to handling team management directly from your POS. For starters, you are able to manage all aspects of labor operations from a single console. From on-boarding employees to tracking productivity and payroll, streamline your administrative processes and cut down on time spent on administrative paperwork. 

Here are some of the benefits that you get with integrated team management technology: 

Payroll, Simplified

  • Create and modify schedules for each employee based on forecasted activity.
  • Get the whole picture with views of shifts, hours, and wages. 
  • Email schedules directly to employees.
  • Protect your POS with unique user passcodes and card swipes and enable secure clock-in, clock-out functionality directly on the point of sale.
  • Save time with automation for employee time worked, overtime tracking, modification of employee punches and data exportation to your accounting software of choice.

A Powerful Ecosystem for Your Payroll Needs

Integrate with one of Revel’s employee management partners to access the best team management solutions on the market. Integrations enable additional communication, supplementary scheduling functions, and industry-specific tools.

Add Employees to Your Team

Add individuals to your management console and set key details to get your employees ready to work.

Set Permissions and Roles

Assign roles and permissions to your employees based on their job function or seniority level. Easily make changes to your settings whenever necessary.

Employee Management and Integration Partners at Revel Systems

At Revel, we have a number of great employee management and payroll partners you can choose from based on the unique needs of your business. Some of those integration partners include, 7shifts and Deputy. Let's dive into how each of these team management software solutions can help your business. 

7 Shifts + Revel

  • Spend 80% less time scheduling with an easy-to-use schedule builder that factors in overtime, availability & labor targets.
  • Improve employee engagement & communication with a free mobile app for staff with availability and time-off requests, shift feedback, and chat.
  • Reduce labor costs up to 3% through efficient schedules informed by accurate forecasts from your Revel POS.
  • Track restaurant performance with real-time labor & sales data, forecasts, and robust reports to make smarter business decisions.

How 7 Shifts + Revel Together Can Save You Thousands Per Month 

Save money with real-time forecasting

Sync real-time sales data from Revel to provide accurate sales forecasts, guide efficient schedules, and stay within budget and labor target percentage. 

Reduce overtime and time-theft with schedule enforcement

Cross-reference employee clock-ins from Revel with scheduled shifts to prevent unauthorized clock-ins, and eliminate unbudgeted overtime and unbalanced staffing. 

Make smarter on-the-fly business decisions with actual labor 

Sync actual labor data between Revel and 7shifts to compare variances and get a real-time look at labor costs. Track these costs with the free 7shifts mobile app. 

Keep accurate payroll calculations with wage sync

Set employee wages in Revel and have them synced to 7shifts to keep your labor calculations accurate and up-to-date, saving time and payroll headaches.

Hear from 7shifts Chief Revenue Officer Justin Holmes for even more insights into the benefits of the integration in this podcast episode of Restaurant and Retail Revel(ations).

Deputy + Revel

With Deputy’s employee management technology, managers and staff can do their best work and offer best-in-class technology in a cloud-based solution that simplifies employee communication. Here are some of the benefits that come with Deputy’s employee management technology: 

Schedule employees in minutes

Create the smartest schedule for your team and share it instantly. If staff call out sick, find replacements with a few clicks.

Capture time worked, simply 

Make it easy for staff to verify when and where they worked, so everyone is paid correctly for their time. 

Engage your team

Give staff a convenient way to keep track of their shifts, request time off and stay up-to-date on critical updates all from one app. 

Seamlessly connect with other systems

The scheduling app integrates with Revel Systems and other payroll and HR systems you may use to give you a smooth experience from day one. 

Take Advantage of Revel's Team Management and Integrations Today 

Revel’s feature-rich POS platform integrates seamlessly into a number of different employee management and payroll systems. This allows you to have access to the top employee management technology in the market, and as a result, a business that runs even more smoothly. 

To learn more about our employee management partners, visit our partners page today!