Four Key Benefits of Software Integrations

Utilizing software integrations are very much an integral part of software development and the success of companies. They benefit both the business offering the integration and the clients using those integrations to customize their technology stacks. 

Software integrations open up seamless communication between software applications, and updates are typically quick and easy. Taking advantage of software integrations is key to better communication, greater efficiencies, cost savings, and creating a seamless customer experience.

Benefits of Software Integrations

  1. Cost Effectiveness

    Software integrations increase efficiencies and can help lower the total cost of business processes. Streamlining these processes allows businesses to invest their cost savings in other technologies, helping them to overcome the competition and continue streamlining their operations. For example, integrations in IT allows consolidation of multiple products into one single infrastructure. It reduces inefficiencies and costs that come up when one must rely on multiple databases. It also reduces infrastructure costs and gets all your enterprise solutions under one single license.
  2. Built-In Automation 

    By taking advantage of various software integrations, operators can automate processes that are typically manual. Taking the time to automate tasks allows staff to focus on other key parts of the business, such as customer service. Building in automation also helps reduce the need to hire more employees and allows operators to maximize the potential of existing hires. Not to mention, this typically lends itself to significant cost savings Overall, utilizing software integrations to help automate business needs often results in improved employee satisfaction across the board. 
  3. Improved Data Flow 

    Integrations can allow for real-time data synchronization and smooth data flow. This allows different parts of the business to be in sync, access real-time data when needed, and make business decisions based on the data Integrations reduce—and often  eliminate—the risk of a database that is outdated, duplicated, and not accurate. 
  4. Increased Flexibility and Scalability

    Integrations allow for greater flexibility and scalability. Without software integrations, businesses wouldn’t be able to offer software that isn’t natively integrated into their system and it would be increasingly difficult to scale at a fast pace. In today’s digital-first era, being able to customize a solution to fit individual businesses’ very specific needs is essential when considering future growth. 

Software Integrations at Revel

Revel Systems has an open API that allows any business to leverage a robust network of Revel Integrated Partners, integrate a proprietary integration, or utilize a third-party integration to enhance their system. 

At Revel we prioritize quality integrations for our clients. Our certified integration partners are carefully vetted so we can recommend the very best solutions for client needs. From customer relationship management (CRM), to workforce management, to reporting and analytics, and much more, our integration partners give your growing venture the depth and reach you need to lead the pack.

Of course, we also recognize the value in custom builds for your specific business needs. Through a dedicated developer portal and a host of client resources, our team loves to see the creative and sometimes game-changning custom solutions their own developers produce.

What’s New for Integrations in Revel’s 2.74 App Release 

At Revel, our seasonal product releases ensure we are providing the best solutions to our clients, giving them access to the latest and greatest in point of sale solutions. In our upcoming 2.74 release, we have a few exciting and new integrations and feature enhancements available.

Table Service Support for QSR Automations Integration

Our integration with QSR Automations has now been expanded to include support for table service restaurants. A few of the highlights available with this change include coursing, firing courses, table numbers, moving items from table to table, table status, check status and more. 

Dispatch Application Updates Powered by Caption AI for Delivery XT™

We have made significant updates to the dispatch app for Delivery XT in the 2.74 release. Some of those updates include: 

  • A revamped estimated time of arrival (ETA) system, so timing projections are more accurate. 
  • A search bar to help filter orders by order number, delivery address, full name, or phone number.
  • The ability to assign an order to a driver who already has an active job group or job groups and the ability to merge the new job into the current group.

Introducing Revel Driver XT™ powered by DoorDash Drive

Revel Driver XT powered by DoorDash Drive offers Revel clients a third-party driver dispatch solution for delivery orders. With Driver XT, merchants can offer full-service delivery without maintaining an in-house driver fleet. Some of the features that are supported through direct integration include:

  • Dashers who deliver native orders from your website or app
  • A 5-mile radius supported for deliveries
  • Order pickup confirmation
  • Delivery time estimates

Introducing Revel Loyalty XT™ Powered by Como

Revel Loyalty XT powered by Como is an affordable, in-house loyalty solution tailored for small to midsize businesses that offers a complete toolkit for rewarding customers and helping businesses engage in rich communication with them. 

This solution combines personalized loyalty experience, marketing automation and data-driven insights in an easy-to-launch package that is fully integrated with Revel’s point of sale (POS) platform.

Additional Highlights from Revel’s 2.74 App Release

Leverage Next Generation Order Management on the POS

We have created an online order queue in the POS app where all native and third-party online orders can be displayed. The online order queue’s design is updated to Revel’s latest format and intuitively displays all the pertinent information for the user. Icons can be added to custom dining options to help quickly identify which channel the order is coming through. Also, the new queue can now be opened from any POS station, whether a “main” or “child” station.

Increase Speed of Service with Updates to Group Combos

A new user interface for ordering group combos now allows for all products and modifiers to be displayed on a single, easy-to-use screen in the POS app. This improvement will increase the speed of service through fewer button clicks and a more intuitive experience.

For a complete look at all of the exciting updates that will be available soon, please check out our 2.74 release help site article. Not a Revel client yet? Request a free demo today to learn more about what our platform has to offer!