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The Restaurant Technology Ecosystem: Back Of House

Coral Drake | May 6, 2017 |

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The Restaurant Technology Ecosystem: Back Of House

It’s easy to see restaurant software at work in the front of the restaurant. Digital menu boards, tablets and kiosks for ordering are extremely visible. However, the kitchen, or back-of-house (BOH), is another area of the restaurant that utilizes technology to improve efficiencies and create innovative dishes. 

Among the tech solutions that yield efficiency and innovation are digital options for process simplification and organization, and in some instances, automation of otherwise manual tasks. The benefits of automation include tools for properly handling ingredient inventory and tracking orders from placement to delivery. 

Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential to keeping food costs under control. It also ensures food safety and proper menu management. When your restaurant pos software accurately tracks inventory, you’ll always have enough ingredients in stock so you don’t have to 86 any menu items. 

A POS platform that includes inventory management functionality lets you track and monitor inventory in real-time. With restaurant automation of inventory, you can even receive automatic alerts and purchase orders, so you are always optimally stocked.

Ensure you don’t miss a beat with Revel’s restaurant inventory management. This tool has an intermediate inventory feature that allows you to prepare ingredients, modifiers, and products in advance by running recipes for each, ahead of time. 

From large supply vendors to last minute recipe adjustments, always get a detailed picture of your inventory numbers with this powerful restaurant software.  

Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system (KDS) is an important element of a broader kitchen management solution, increasing efficiency while expediting orders and minimizing mistakes. A kitchen display system tracks prep time for menu items and helps organize kitchen flows. This restaurant software sends digital tickets to all your various kitchen stations. 

The bump capabilities feature prioritizes orders to optimize the queue. This restaurant order system empowers line cooks to understand how much to make of what and when. Your KDS increases speed of service and helps reduce waste from errors in firing times.

Order Status Notifications

Especially relevant for pick-up orders, automation of order status updates is a great way to keep communication lines open between your kitchen and your guests without adding burdens for your staff. Solutions like an order ready board or text updates to guests informing them of changes to their order status can be configured to connect with your kitchen management system for automatic notices when an order is accepted, in progress, and ready for pickup. 

Back-of-House Operations are Key to a Successful Restaurant

Back-of-house operations are half of the recipe for a successful restaurant operation. A fully automated restaurant with integrated front and back-of-house  technology will run more smoothly, efficiently, and quickly. Choose a flexible iPad POS system that meets your business needs to keep your front and back-of-house running like clockwork.


What is “back of the house operation” in the context of the restaurant business?

Back-of-house operations are all the activities that happen behind the scenes in a business, especially in restaurants. This includes kitchen operations, inventory management, and menu management. Utilizing restaurant software such as restaurant pos software and kitchen display systems can streamline these operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

What is “back of house automation” when it comes to restaurant operation?

Back-of-house automation entails using technology to automate processes in a restaurant, such as restaurant inventory management and order processing, through a restaurant order system. The benefits of automation include reduced manual errors, increased efficiency, and the ability to focus more on customer service. 

What is the back of the house in restaurants?
The back-of-house in restaurants refers to the area where food is prepared and where other operational tasks (such as inventory management) take place. It is core to a restaurant, where kitchen staff work diligently to ensure the smooth running of the restaurant.