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Restaurant operators and customers alike have long put an emphasis on speed of service as a significant contributor to their overall expectations for experience quality. Customers want convenience and speed when it comes to dining, and restaurant operators have had to consider these factors in their general operational flow.

If you are looking to improve the speed of service in your restaurant, you are in luck! Read on to follow what technology can help increase speed of service and elevate your restaurant operations.

Streamline Your Back-of-House Technology to Increase Speed Of Service


Do you have an accurate read on all of your inventory? When it comes to the speed of service at your establishment, you are not only dependent on how your front-of-house is running but also how your back-of-house is operating. The very first step to speeding up your service is ensuring that you have the right amount of goods in stock, at the right levels.

Real-time inventory reporting provides you with a precise idea of what you should be ordering and when. That data can also help you forecast and clarify which purchasing decisions you should make, whether you’re tracking changes from month-to-month, season-to-season, or even year-to-year. 

With an inventory management system, you can generate purchase orders, so inventory is always in stock. Additionally, it allows you to easily find thousands of items by organizing them in categories and allows you to get granular and display items by size and color in your inventory retail or restaurant system.


Optimizing your staffing is not just an easy way to cut down on operational costs, but it is integral to increasing your speed of service and improving customer service. With labor management software you can see projected labor costs and the percentage of sales, enabling you to set schedules in a way that ensures optimal restaurant service and profitability. 

Also, with an employee management restaurant system, you can streamline your administrative processes and cut down on time spent on administrative paperwork, so employees can focus more of their time on other important tasks. 

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The kitchen display system (KDS) is another technology that improves restaurant service and speed of service to expedite the order process. Kitchen display systems are used to track how long it takes for menu items to be prepared and organize kitchen flows. 

The KDS sends digital tickets to the various kitchen stations and the ‘bump capabilities’ feature prioritizes orders to optimize the queue. This way, line cooks can quickly understand how much to make of what and when. It can increase speed of service and also help reduce waste from errors in firing times.

Speed Up Front-of-House Services in a Restaurant

Point of Sale (POS)

A POS system acts as the central nervous system of restaurant businesses. Get a point of sale that’s quick and intuitive for your staff. Having a POS that can process transactions and payments quickly and allows you to train your staff quickly are all items to look for in a POS. 

Additionally, you will want to have a POS that offers self-service technology that integrates directly into your POS for faster restaurant service and payments. This includes mobile options for digital ordering and payment technology and off-premises technology for swift takeout service. 

You will also want a system that connects your front-of-house activities with what’s happening back-of-house to ensure that your restaurant operations run smoothly. 

Drive Thru

Did you know that every seven seconds a chain eliminates from drive-thru wait time equals about a one percent increase in restaurant sales? This is a significant finding, where a modest decrease in wait time has a big effect on the bottom line.

Modern drive-thru technology helps facilitate quick restaurant customer service. Digital signage helps make your menu offerings readable and allows operators to change them in real-time. With order confirmation display, it allows restaurants to ensure order accuracy and improves the overall restaurant service. 

Also, mobile order takers are cutting down wait times during restaurants’ peak hours. To further increase speed of service, restaurants are implementing speed of service timers that allow you to monitor speed of service metrics in real time to optimize performance of your drive-thru restaurant operations.

Self-Service Kiosk

Kiosks have grown in popularity due to the labor challenges the industry continues to face. By providing service through self-service technology, your business can increase speed of service during peak hour rushes and have your employees focus on back-of-house restaurant operations. 

Self-service kiosks can integrate directly with your existing point of sale to send orders to the kitchen, expediting the process and eliminating communication errors. Overall, this improves restaurant services. 

Also, to encourage customers to use the kiosks, you can designate a mobile-order ahead and grab and go to the station to cut down on wait times.

Mobile Order Takers

Sell on the go, speed up the order process, and engage your customers with mobile order takers. You can meet your customers where they are and easily and efficiently ring up their purchases.

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