Revel Announces Advanced Solution for Enterprise-Grade Mobile Device Support

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | August 25, 2020 |


Revel Guard XT Offers Mobile Device Support

 The newly announced Revel Guard XT is a a mobile device support solution which allows for complete monitoring of all devices in a store or chain of stores. It enables store devices to be tracked, upgraded, and supported remotely. The product is crucial for tracking anything necessary to keep the store running smoothly.

Revel Guard XT monitors everything from printer connections, to payment terminals. It can show which software versions are operating on POS devices at any time. The solution helps lower operational costs. It also helps reduce resolution time for support calls. Additionally, it allows uninterrupted operations so merchants can focus on running their business.

Enerprise-Grade Solution

“Through innovations like Revel Guard XT, Revel is delivering true enterprise-grade solutions that are far more reliable than legacy, on-premise or blended cloud solutions that still have hard disks and other failure points,” said Art Beckman, CTO of Revel.

“The combination of the cloud infrastructure, iOS—which is well known for excellent security compared to Android and Microsoft platforms—and the iPad’s extremely low failure rate, gives our clients confidence. They know our solutions will be up and running when they need them the most. Additionally, there is an offline mode with no degradation in functionality if the internet is unavailable.”