‘We’re All Omnichannel Now’

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | July 8, 2020 |


Necessity has introduced countless restaurants to complex offline/online blends, such as quick-response codes for menu call-up and online ordering for curbside pickup. Where they could once focus on select areas of the business, restaurants are all omnichannel now.

“We’re seeing a surge in support requests” from eateries, says Chip Kahn, founder of Boomtown Network Inc., which helps merchants untangle POS problems.

An 'all omnichannel' approach includes payment options.

And major-brand mobile wallets long in the market may finally be winning more usage as consumers seek out touchless payments. “Most of the merchants we’re working with are doing Apple Pay when we turn it on,” says Chris Lybeer, chief strategy officer at Revel Systems Inc.

But the trend that overarches everything else, now and post-Covid, is the urge to go omnichannel. In fact, restaurants are prioritizing omnichannel options if they are making it through the rollercoaster of pandemic developments. Traditional terminal companies ignore it at their peril.