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Expand Your Revenue with Drive Thru

Kelly Hogan | September 16, 2021 |

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Expand Your Revenue with Drive Thru

Growth Of Drive Thru

Why limit your guests to the confines of your dining room or subject them to the wait times of delivery service when you can quickly meet their needs to-go with a drive thru? Since its inception in the 1960s, the drive thru has been a growing channel for fast food industry sales. But in 2020 as the global pandemic hit, the drive thru became a mission-critical sales channel for preserving store revenue. 

With drive thru skyrocketing over the past year and half and continuing to grow, restaurants are seeing the value of drive thru not only from a revenue perspective, but also from a safety and operational perspective. In fact, from April 2020 to August 2020 alone, drive thru visits jumped over 45% across all customer segments and today make up over 70% of sales at many QSRs. This is a massive amount of sales, and the figure continues to trend upward. 

Benefits of Drive Thru

There are many benefits to a drive thru. Some of the main ones include the ability to serve more customers, add another revenue stream, and improve convenience and safety for your customers. 

Serve More Customers

Having a drive thru allows you to expand your reach to your customers. First, the addition of a drive-thru lane gives you the option to serve guests on-site at your building, but outside of the building’s confines. For the ability to take on even more customer volume, you can create multiple lanes and serve more people in a timely manner.  Especially with a quick service restaurant (QSR), customers often prefer going through the drive thru rather than walking in and ordering, so they can have a fast and easy experience. 

Drive Thru Increases Your Revenue Streams 

A drive thru adds another revenue stream to your business. The more ways you can diversify the way you serve your customers, the more options your business will have to drive revenue. Did you know a single drive-thru pickup lane can increase peak-time food production by up to 60 percent? That is major revenue in your pockets! Also, you can utilize drive thrus to promote new menu items or limited time offers to up-sell to your customers. 

Drive Thrus are Convenient and Safe

Since the onset of the pandemic, people continue to choose drive thrus over other means of ordering. In July of 2020, when more restaurants were reopened, drive thru visits still increased 13 percent, the highest among the service modes of on-premises, carryout, and delivery dining types. Customers are looking for a safe and convenient way to order food. What is safer and more convenient than ordering and receiving your food from the comfort of your vehicle? 

All in all, drive thrus have been the top contender for distributing food to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. On average, 50 million Americans eat fast food every day, generating $570 billion in global revenue, with an annual growth of approximately 2.5 percent. Quick-service restaurant assets have a clear advantage during COVID-19, making them a sound investment for commercial real estate investors.

Why You Need Revel's Drive-Thru Solution 

Now that you have a better understanding of the growth and benefits a drive thru has to offer, I wanted to introduce Revel’s full-service drive-thru solution. Our end-to-end drive-thru offering includes everything from a digital display board to headsets and speed-of-service timers, all of which directly integrate with your POS platform.

With Revel’s drive-thru solution, you will get the following benefits and features:

Drive Diners and Dollars

Cars in a drive-thru lane mean more dollars for your business. With Revel’s enhanced solution, you can implement a fully-integrated drive-thru experience that rivals those of the nation’s largest chains. From a branded digital display board to an integrated POS terminal for your drive-thru window, our offering is customizable to cover all your bases for seamless transactions and order management.

Merge Customization with Direct Integration 

With features like digital outdoor menu boards, drive-thru order confirmation and drive-thru timing systems, our drive-thru solution is not just flexible, but will integrate directly with the Revel platform. This means your drive-thru orders will flow seamlessly with your other orders for straightforward kitchen processing and centralized data management on the backend.

Make Quick and Instant Updates

For establishments leveraging a digital outdoor menu board for their drive-thru setup, restaurants can quickly and easily update menu content, pricing and nutritional information from any web-enabled device. Enjoy the immediate access of remote control to better manage your customers’ expectations and improve their drive-thru ordering experience.

Simplify Your Drive-Thru Operations With Automation 

Remove one more item from your to-do list by pre-scheduling content to populate your drive-thru menus. You can ensure the right messages go live at the right time when rolling out product promotions, limited time offers, and other date or time-based messaging.

Monitor and Improve Your Performance 

Revel’s drive-thru offering leverages an integration with Delphi Display Systems and includes Delphi’s Insight Track® timing solution. Insight Track helps restaurants monitor speed-of-service metrics in real time to optimize performance of their drive-thru operations.

Take Advantage and Implement Revel's Drive-Thru Solution 

A drive thru has  immense benefits and opportunities for your business. Now is the time to take advantage of Revel’s drive-thru solution and stay ahead of the competition. Contact our sales team today for a free demo.