Essential Tech Solutions for Pizzerias

Technology can have a major impact on improving pizzeria operations. In fact, pizzerias have a history of leading the way for restaurants in technological innovation. For example, did you know they are credited with championing the very first delivery solutions, which required a combination of logistics and technology to operate efficiently?

Anyone who operates a pizzeria knows these kitchens move at a very fast pace and need technology to help with business efficiency. With how customized orders can get and the speed at which consumers expect to receive their orders, pizzeria businesses need a point of sale (POS) platform that can support their business needs.

Luckily, Revel’s cloud-native POS platform provides the flexibility and solutions to optimize pizzeria operations for employees and its customers.

Technology Solutions Every Pizzeria Needs

As mentioned in the introduction, technology is crucial to a thriving pizzeria. Many pizzerias have seen exponential revenue and cost savings by implementing the following technology solutions.

Delivery Systems

A key element in delivery success for pizzerias is the tech and consumer behavior that supports it. An option that’s within reach for most operators is a delivery solution that integrates directly to the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) platform, such as Revel’s native delivery solution, Delivery XT.

This offers a tight control of the consumer experience, direct access to consumer data, and importantly, full retention of profits on delivery orders.

Of course, not all pizzerias are set up operationally to offer in-house delivery. The good news is, cloud-native platforms offering an open API infrastructure allow for third party integrations into the POS. While this option relinquishes much of the control of the
ordering experience and forfeits a percentage of every sale, it’s still a great way to reach a larger audience of hungry customers ready to place orders where they are.

Online Ordering Systems

While pizza and delivery go hand-in-hand, online ordering is another way to reach diners that businesses should not overlook. Online ordering lets the customer handle the transit of the food and lets them place their order ahead to take fresh, hot pies back home.

Revel supports both native and third-party online ordering systems. With Revel’s native solution for online ordering, Online Ordering XT, merchants can control the off-premises consumer experience, maximize their profits by bypassing third-party fees, have end-to-end branding touchpoints, and it all integrates directly to the point of sale.

A native online ordering solution gives merchants much more control and flexibility when it comes to menu changes, and it is easier for merchants and customers to track orders and resolve issues that may arise.

When Westside Pizza switched from their legacy POS to Revel’s cloud-native platform and native online ordering solution, online orders jumped to 37% of their total sales, a 10% increase from what they had been previously.

If you’re not ready to offer an online ordering solution on your own, you can choose a vetted Revel Integrated Partner where orders will be handled through a third party. Some benefits of this include, broader brand exposure perhaps to new audiences you haven’t successfully reached on your own, and outsourced support
for the staff and logistics of these solutions.

Inventory POS Management

Inventory is especially tricky to manage at a pizzeria. You’ve got to consider team members who are heavy-handed on the pepperoni while tracking perishable items, like bell peppers and mushrooms, or risk running out of customer favorites or tossing out some of your profits with spoiled ingredients.

Technology with ingredient-level inventory management is key. Revel has inventory management technology that allows you to automate reordering stock when items reach certain levels, as well auto-generate new purchase orders and keep your periodic automatic replacement (PAR) levels in check.

Revel inventory management will keep your ingredients available at appropriate levels and merchants more aware of employees' usage of their ingredients.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Through a CRM operators can capture customer information for targeted marketing and promotional messages, but also for order personalization and short-cuts for an even speedier checkout experience.

For example, a CRM coupled with a loyalty program can remember returning customers, greet them by name on screen, and store information like order history for a quick reordering of their favorite menu items.

For pizzerias in particular, order preferences like spilt modifiers for pizza toppings on a full pie can significantly reduce order times. Better still, this information can show you popular customizations for your stores, and help with better forecasting on inventory purchasing or menu specials.

Revel’s New 2.73 Release Functionality to that Benefits Pizzerias

We talked about technology that is generally beneficial to a successful pizza business, but let’s get more granular and dive into the most recent functionalities that Revel has released to benefit pizzerias.

86 Items with our new Item Availability Feature

Restaurants can quickly and easily mark an item as unavailable, or 86’d, to prevent the sale of products and modifiers that are sold out or temporarily unavailable. Marking a product or ingredient as unavailable will also prevent the sale of any linked items.

Deferred Modifiers

This gives employees the ability to add products to an order without having to first configure all the modifiers. Employees can now add the product to the order then go back and configure the modifiers. This gives greater flexibility into how a restaurant sets up their ordering flows.

Default Modifier Quantity

This allows you to add a default quantity to default modifiers, giving more flexibility in product-modifier relationships. This also gives kitchens more clarity on what to prepare and makes inventory tracking easier.

Employee Clock In Notifications

This allows managers to create messages they want their employees to see and acknowledge before they clock into their shift for the day.

We Think Revel is the Pizza POS Solution for You

Revel’s cloud-native POS and business management platform has robust technology solutions that can support pizzerias like no other POS platform can. Our team is constantly coming out with new and improved features that will only benefit your business.

Learn more about Revel’s pizza POS solution and see if it’s the right platform for your restaurant. Visit our homepage today and request a free demo!