The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your eCommerce Branding

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The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your eCommerce Branding

Developing your company’s eCommerce branding is more than designing a flashy logo or using a fancy typeface. Building a brand online is less about how you present your business and more about how people feel about your business. 

Online branding encompasses the visual aspects of marketing, such as the logo, the color scheme, the language, and your product line. However, branding is much more than that. Online branding strategies need to work across all branches of the business to bring a consistent and relatable message to your users every time they engage with your company.

Your e branding will be a driving force that fosters loyalty and guides your customers to make informed decisions when interacting with your brand.

We want to ensure that you’re creating distinct eCommerce branding. With that in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide. So, read on to learn everything you need to know about branded online eCommerce.

What Defines Great Store Branding?

When you’re working with a group of marketers, content creators, and graphic designers, your team controls how the public perceives your store. Your message can distinguish your products from a sea of similar competitors. 

How you execute your online brand strategies is what will make your target demographics informed buyers. While you may be competing against a slew of similar brands, you can curate a loyal following of customers by successfully conveying your company’s story.

Essentially, great store branding involves placing your customers at the center of your business’s unique story. 

Why Building a Brand Online Matters

Online brand marketing is a vital component of any successful sales strategy. By cultivating a strong brand loyalty, you will significantly increase a customer’s overall lifetime value. You will also develop the highly sought-after, word-of-mouth recommendation. Your current customers’ referrals can exponentially expand your client pool. 

Through successful branding online, your products can create sustainable revenue streams, even when market growth is low. Your client base will continue to choose your products over the competition, even when times get tough and your competitors attempt to undercut your prices.

Elements of the Best Online Branding Strategies

While the concept of eCommerce branding is a subjective art instead of an objective science, you can follow some simple steps to formulate your company’s branding online.

To start your branding journey, build around these guidelines:


Every entrepreneur has at least considered their enterprise’s mission, either as a passing thought or by investing time to create a mission statement. 

Of course, every company aims to bring in revenue, but your business’s mission should look beyond simple monetary gain. Most entrepreneurs establish a company with a specific intent to solve a problem or fill a gap. You can use this as the basis of your company’s mission. Then,  you should develop your statement to include the desires of your target demographic, and incorporate it into your branding language.


After you’ve formulated your company’s mission statement and integrated it into the language your company uses in its eCommerce branding, you then need to develop your vision statement.

Your company's vision should be an emotional projection of the values you hold and hope to achieve in the future. This vision will act as a guide to how you organize, plan, and execute your companies’ operations. 

When you convey a clear vision in your company’s messaging, you can dictate how people perceive your business and how they communicate about it.


Once you have both the mission and vision set as guides for constructing your eCommerce branding, you can then establish the language your team uses when engaging with your customers.

For example, you may want to establish yourself as an authoritative entity. When shoppers visit your e-store, they’ll believe that you’re the most reliable source of information about your industry and products. Conversely, you may want to present your company as friendly and approachable by soothing any concerns they may have when purchasing from your site.

Your customers will instinctively feel how your company does business based on the language you use, so you should match your words to your company’s overall approach. For instance, if you run a wealth management company, you may not want to take a funny and playful attitude. If your message is focused on saving for the future, your lighthearted approach may fall flat with your audience. However, the same style may work if the wealth management firm is targeting a youthful demographic who are optimistically learning about options or looking for short-term financial tools.


Finally, you will need to decide on the designs used by your company. 

Your design elements will include the logo, fonts, and color scheme. An old adage states that a picture is worth a thousand words: this has never been more evident than through eCommerce branding.

For example, if you see the Nike swoosh, you automatically have opinions about all of their products, regardless of whether you've used them or not. Or, take Apple: you have die-hard iPhone users and people who won't touch an Apple product based solely on the fact that it has their logo on it. 

These visual cues dictate how users behave towards your brand based on a gut reaction, so you should tailor your designs to your target demographic.

Ecommerce Branding Builds Brand Loyalty

While eCommerce branding is vital to building a strong client base, it can turn disastrous if they have a negative experience with your company.

Luckily, you incorporate proper solutions to address your customers' online brand expectations. This is where Revel Systems shines. We offer a robust business management platform and retail POS software that ensures you can continually meet the needs of today’s digital consumer. Contact us today and request a free demo!