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Business Operations Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Systems | February 18, 2022 |

People POS Spotlight
Business Operations Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel’s “People POS” blog series returns with a fresh format and more great stories featuring colleagues from across our organization. 

We most recently featured Pritesh, an international solution partner manager who supports Revel’s growing solution partner network spanning multiple countries and time zones. His work helps extend Revel's reach to countries where we don't have a direct sales presence.

And of course, after Pritesh and his team of solution partners make the sale, a complex operation is in motion behind the scenes to help ensure new clients have everything they need for a seamless implementation. Operations Manager Vilija and her teammates are huge driving forces for client success at Revel. Vilija recently sat down with us to share more about her experiences at Revel in a Q&A-style chat. 

Meet Operations Manager Vilija

Q: What led you to your role at Revel and what do you do here today? 

A: Currently I am the operations manager at Revel and collectively, I’ve been with the company for three years. This is actually my second employment at Revel’s Lithuania office. I worked on the customer support team in 2017, but eventually parted ways to focus on my studies. 

I then took a role at a large corporation that was very formal. I’ve always been someone that speaks their mind—it’s hard to solve a problem if the company culture doesn’t promote creativity. Between the formalities and not feeling like I was able to use my voice to better the company processes, I realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. 

I ran into someone that I had previously worked with at Revel and essentially had my first informal interview on the spot without knowing it. I later accepted a role as an operations specialist and have since taken on the operations manager role. I really enjoy the work I get to do and my manager and teams really add to that enjoyment. 


Q: What are you and your teams responsible for at Revel?

A: Today I have three functional teams that report to me and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to manage really talented individuals. 

Our order desk team sends out finalized agreements to clients. Then our order management team—the team I started on—checks agreements that are executed by clients to ensure that the quotes and hardware asks match. And our reverse logistics team helps take care of warranty and extended warranty exchanges, or everything that takes place after orders are fulfilled.

Outside of people management and strategizing on new projects, I occasionally take on some escalations and complex cases that hit the operation team’s inbox.


Q: What is it like working in the operations department at Revel?

A: Most of our operations team is based out of our Vilnius, Lithuania office, which is Revel’s operational center of excellence. Vilnius is a huge technology hub, which offers a lot of potential when interviewing new candidates for our team. 

As a result, the talent we have on our operations team today is unparalleled, and we work really efficiently together despite still operating in a primarily remote work environment. I really encourage my team to poke holes in things. It helps us become even more efficient and collaborate in the most effective way possible. 


Q: How have your roles at Revel evolved, and what has helped you be successful? 

A: When I joined the operations team in Lithuania, there were only six people on the team. They quickly realized there was an opportunity to add new roles and functions because we had quite a few dated processes in place. 

I noticed early on that having really open lines of communication with other teams was the quickest way to find resolutions that really work. My team and I were able to assess a lot of the outdated processes we had in place and make necessary improvements to drive efficiency and accuracy. In the end, this benefited our internal teams and our clients

These processes are a huge help for me in my role today, and it felt great to be a part of the team when creating them. We now have concrete guidelines to refer to and train new employees with.

I often think back to the very formal, corporate job I held before returning to Revel, and it reminds me just how unique Revel is. It was very difficult to change a process there and no one ever asked you for your opinion unless you were in a high-ranking position. At Revel, your opinion is welcome and you feel heard. 


Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: When my manager asked where I saw my future headed at Revel, I was also asked if I wanted to work towards people management. I think management at the time noticed that I was already volunteering to train people and not taking “no” for an answer when it came to blazing new trails. 

We were growing extremely quickly, and an opportunity eventually arose to manage a team. I’m really thankful for the chance to not only work alongside my current operations teams, but also my colleagues in teams like fulfillment—they are so hard working and make me look good!

At Revel, it’s also rewarding knowing I’ve been given the opportunity to be trusted with something that has a direct impact on people. In this case, those people are hard-working restaurant and retailer operators across the globe. Ultimately, this feels like more than a role; it’s continuous development of oneself. 


Q: How would you differentiate Revel from other employers in Vilnius, Lithuania’s technology hub? 

At Revel, I would say it’s all about the team. When we hire for the operations team, there are of course core skills that we’re looking for, but we’re also really looking for a great team fit. We know that we can teach a lot of skills, but having a team that works well together is really important to Revel. 

Revel is also a company that offers many opportunities for growth. I’ve always felt that I’ve been rewarded for my hard work at Revel, and that feels great. I love getting to share that feeling by helping to grow my team. 


Q: When you’re not helping to keep Revel’s operations afloat, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

A: Well, I’ve become a bit of a night owl because I work nights. There are a group of Revelers that work the night shift in Lithuania and while it’s not for everyone, it can be really nice to have the option to work unique hours if you prefer it. 

It’s winter here in Lithuania, but I plan to start renovating my apartment this summer which I’m excited about. Otherwise, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going on hikes and visiting quiet beaches on the seaside.

What’s Next 

Vilija and her colleagues in Lithuania help facilitate the seamless onboarding and continuous care experience that Revel clients know and appreciate today. 

And the team in Lithuania is growing! If you enjoyed learning more about Vilija’s role, we encourage you to browse Revel’s open roles and apply today if you think you’re a fit.