Expansion Sales Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Blog | Julie Holkeboer | September 24, 2020 |

People POS Spotlight

How Chris Helps Execute Expansion Sales at Revel

We’re back with another edition of our employee-focused blog series. Read on to meet another member of the talented team that fuels Revel, also known as the “People point of sale (POS).” In case you missed our last People POS spotlight, we shared how Wendy helps lead product engineering at Revel. Check it out to learn more about her favorite parts of leading a team of product experts, scrum masters, and design visionaries. Chris is next up in our series. He is an experienced account executive . Since joining the Revel team, he has watched the product evolve while while enjoying personal career growth. Let's take a closer look at a day in the life of a Revel account executive, as seen through Chris's lens.  

Meet Chris

Chris is an expansion account executive at Revel and manages a book of business featuring current clients who are constantly scaling their operations . Some of his clients are after solution add-ons, like online ordering. Others are in need of additional POS terminals for a new location. In both scenarios, clients know Chris is their go-to sales representative to help them learn more.  Since joining the Revel family almost two years ago, Chris has emerged as a top-earning sales team member. This is due in no small part to his constant interest and curiosity in what's new with Revel's product suite. He's never afraid to ask questions or embark on self-learning within Revel's platform. And more importantly, his position as a top performer aligns with his ability to dial into client needs. Chris is experienced with listening to client challenges and finding a great solution within Revel's POS offerings. Consequently, he’s been given increased responsibility through promotions. “I have experienced career growth here at Revel. I was able to prove myself and really sell even more to our clients," he says.

Attitude is Everything

Part of Chris’s success at Revel is the direct result of the attitude he brings into the office. He’s maintained that positive attitude even amidst the challenges of today’s COVID-inspired remote office environment. He explains that his work style in one word would be “unique,” and his colleagues would agree. Chris is often praised for taking time out of his day to share selling tips and tricks with his team so that others can capitalize on the unique style of selling that he’s mastered. This knowledge sharing approach is a major contributing factor to why Revel is considered the “People POS.” It ensures each member of the sales team has a firm grasp on the platform's abilities and the common issues clients face each day. Clients know they can come to our sales team with questions or concerns and receive an honest, personalized answer. 

A Closer Look at Expansion Sales Today

The effects of COVID-19 dramatically changed the way our clients do business. These effects have also impacted how our sales team thinks about selling. Revel's sellers shifted to an “open for business” mindset. Essentially, this mindset pushed agility and responsiveness to the forefront of every sales transaction. As our prospects and clients have adapted how they are selling their goods or services, our team is ready to adjust with them and meet their new needs.  “We’ve been in this market for a long time which has given us a lot of time to refine our product and bring it to the next level," Chris says.  Revel’s product engineering organization pivoted alongside the sales team to ensure our roadmap reflected the mission-critical needs of our clients. To date, we’ve rapidly delivered new features in response to COVID-19 , with many more on the horizon.

How Chris Brings It Home

Chris’s unique work style and upbeat personality make him a perfect fit for Revel’s people-focused operations, and his clients recognize how much he genuinely wants to see them succeed.   “Revel lets me be who I am, and that is directly connected to why my clients buy from me.” Chris, along with fellow members of the expansion sales team, are responsible for account growth and client satisfaction at Revel. They pride themselves on forging personalized relationships with so many of their clients and celebrating their successes. Together, they help our clients continue to win within their respective markets. 

Noteworthy Extras: A Glimpse of the Pre-Pandemic Sales Floor 

We had the chance to spend an in-office work day with Chris earlier this year before our office went virtual. The result is a closer look at Chris doing what he does best being authentic. He enjoys the collaborative nature of the Revel sales floor because it keeps him energized and motivated. “I enjoy the Revel sales floor a lot. It’s so collaborative and we have some really great tools that we use,” Chris explains. “We like to listen to music at certain times to really keep us pumped.” Watch Chris in action in his full interview on our YouTube channel

What’s Next

As businesses continue to re-open, reassess their operations, and recalibrate, Revel employees like Chris will be here to help. Whether it’s the right time to add online ordering or finally build out a loyalty program, Revel’s sales team is prepared, and excited, to help clients pivot towards success.  “We all like to win, and we know that if we all work together to win the company wins together as a whole. It’s a really great community.”  Despite his new work from home environment, Chris makes the most out of his virtual sales floor just like he does in the office. Team success and individual success are equally rewarding to him. His passion for knowledge sharing and watching his teammates succeed makes him a valued member of team Revel.