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Product Engineering Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

Julie Holkeboer | August 14, 2020 |

People POS Spotlight
Product Engineering Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Wendy Helps Lead Product Engineering at Revel

At Revel we often refer to ourselves at the “People POS,” meaning peoplespecifically our clientsare at the heart of our mission. In this blog series, we’re spotlighting just a few of the talented team members who help bring the technology fueling the “People POS” to life.

In case you missed our first spotlight, we shared how Patrick helps lead SMB services at Revel. Check out the post to learn how he handles this while navigating remote implementations and problem solving for clients in the new reality brought on by COVID-19. Up next in the series we’re focusing on Wendy. She is a veteran engineer whose passion for the field is inspired directly by the people she works with each day. 

Meet Wendy

As vice president of engineering program management at Revel, Wendy oversees a team of product and release management experts, scrum masters, and design visionaries who help shepherd new features and product releases to market. Since joining the Revel family nearly three years ago, Wendy has grown as a leader and finds joy in coaching her team members. 

“Revel is challenging me to grow as a leader. I’m going from more of a hands-on and technical person to more of a coach and a leader and I look forward to it. My joy is seeing my team being successful in all things they touch” she says.

Wendy directly manages a team of 10, many of whom are featured below in a snapshot of one of her many daily Zoom calls. Despite physical distance from her team, Wendy makes an effort to keep their calls full of knowledge sharing, passion, and fun.  

Product engineering team on virtual call

Aside from the people on her team, Wendy is motivated by Revel’s product and its direct impact on businesses and consumers alike. She uses her own personal shopping and dining experiences to help inform strategic product recommendations, and is passionate about bettering the experience for other consumers just like her. 

“When you get to actually use your product and develop it better based on what the consumer experiences—I think that’s so exciting.”

Her team’s hard work keeps Revel tracking towards its forward-thinking release goals. Ultimately, the idea is to ensure our solution arms clients with a flexible tool that equips them to succeed, no matter what the market or the world throws at them. 

A Closer Look at Product Engineering Today

When COVID-19 caused physical business doors to shutter earlier this year, Revel’s product engineering team took swift action to help clients react and remain nimble. 

In June, Revel announced new product offerings and rolling feature updates designed to specifically address many of the challenges introduced by COVID-19. Highlights included:

  • Enhancements to our online ordering solution
  • A new Order Ready customer-facing screen that allows merchants to differentiate between third-party pick-ups and to-go takeout orders
  • Delivery management optimizations
  • And even more business-refining features still in development 

As we continue to monitor COVID-19 and its effects on the hospitality industry, Revel’s product engineering organization will shift our product roadmap to accommodate the mission-critical needs of our clients. In the meantime, they continue to deliver regularly scheduled releases and products to market.

How Wendy Brings It Home

Wendy is a critical player in the product engineering organization at Revel. Her passion for our product, paired with her positivity, make her an approachable leader who is always up for a challenge.

“I love coming in and just having a great time. Working with great people, having a good laugh every day, and learning more than I thought I was capable of.” 

Wendy embodies the “People POS” with her people-first approach to guiding her team, and by developing products with the end user in mind. Her team, composed of talented product owners, agile coaches, designers, and business analysts join forces on a daily basis to ensure quality products and features are built for our clients. And they have fun doing it. 

Noteworthy Extras 

After spending an in-office work day with Patrick earlier this year, we headed to Revel’s headquarters in Atlanta to spend the day with Wendy (prior to transitioning to a work-from-home environment). The result was a behind-the-scenes look at a typical work day on the product engineering floor. Watch Wendy in action in her full interview on our YouTube channel

What’s Next

In Revel’s next product release (slated for late fall of 2020), the team plans to include a number of great features specifically designed to help our clients succeed. Here’s a quick look at what’s in the works:

  • A refreshed online ordering platform
  • Kiosk XT
  • Conversational ordering
  • Delivery XT
  • Support for curbside pickup
  • Support for new payment integrations

This release will be the next up in a cadence of about three major product updates per year, accompanying regular, rolling updates with smaller changes and enhancements. Each release builds on the team’s strong momentum, and Revel’s coming releases will put a great deal of emphasis on continued support for our enterprise customers.

“It’s not just about writing or compiling code. It’s about how we provide value back to our clients and their customers,” Wendy reflects. “I’m encouraged by what we’re learning today.” 

As the world continues to adapt to an ever-changing definition of “business as usual,” Wendy will work diligently to make sure her Revel team is ready. Come pandemic or economic boom, she’ll be watching and responding to keep people—and their success—at the forefront of product development.