Product Spotlight: A Closer Look at CDS XT

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | October 9, 2019 |

Product Features

Introducing CDS XT

Revel’s team is proud to introduce CDS XT, the newest generation of our customer display system. Available in version 2.55 of Revel’s point of sale (POS) app, CDS XT is a best-in-class, customer-facing display screen that simultaneously improves order accuracy and customer experience. Better still, this offering is a great tool for brand management, enabling merchants and operators to promote specials and other content directly to customers.  

Amplify Your Brand with the Branding Tool

Offer a fully-branded experience on CDS XT with the resources available in Revel’s new Branding Tool. Include your logo, colors, and promotional materials to extend your marketing image to every touchpoint in the customer experience! With the Branding Tool (accessible through Revel’s management console), create and save “skins” to use for recurring messages like weekly specials and holiday promotions. You can push your saved skins to the CDS XT with one click. 

Enhanced Loyalty Program 

Allow customers to engage directly with your loyalty program on the CDS XT. Empower new customers to input their own information on the touch screen to ensure you capture the correct information. You’ll be able to add them to your loyalty program in seconds. Returning customers can also view their loyalty details on the CDS XT, including accrued points and available rewards. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The customer-facing and interactive display screen offers another way to engage your customers and create a personalized experience. Plus, it allows them to see their orders being created in real time, reducing errors in the order flow. CDS XT is a sleek and simple way to take customer experience at your business locations to the next level. 

Improved Employee Satisfaction 

Extend a little extra love to your employees through CDS XT, which supports Tip Suggestions by Threshold, allowing you to adjust how tip suggestion prompts are displayed. Use a fixed dollar amount for smaller order totals and percentage amounts for larger order totals to ensure team members earn more for their hard work! 

CDS XT can’t walk or talk just yet (we’re working on it), but if you’re interested in more information about the possibilities available with this new offering, connect with our team to schedule a demo today!