First Look: Revel’s 2.55 App Release

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | September 24, 2019 |

Product Features

Features, and Functions, and Updates—Oh My!

Finally, the moment Revel clients have all been waiting for: Revel's 2.55 app release this October! As with other Revel releases, there is much to love about the new features and functions of version 2.55. Here’s a closer look at a few of our favorites: 


Revel Systems is proud to introduce the new stocktake application. Stocktake is a completely redesigned inventory experience, replacing the previous physical inventory application. Stocktake boasts a brand new counting workflow, which includes near real-time inventory tracking of count figures, individual sections which will now add up to make store-wide figures, more comprehensive and detailed reports, and the ability to export and print reports. With stocktake, you have a complete inventory-tracking system available entirely on your mobile device. Any updates you make through the stocktake app will sync directly to your management console. 

Split Combos

To all of our loyal Pizza POS customers, we’re pleased to welcome you to split combos. You can now split products by halves, thirds, and quarters. For example, our split combos feature will let you split and combine pepperoni pizza with Hawaiian pizza so you can meet even the most unusual customer split pizza requests.

If you offer any pizzas that are more difficult to prepare and cook, you can add a surcharge to to those menu items. Unlike other combos, you can associate modifiers (like size, crust, or sauce) with the parent product of the split combo.

The split combos system is even smart enough to prevent you from building an invalid pizza. For example, if a customer selects pesto sauce for the parent pie, but chooses a red sauce pizza for a split, system logic will intervene ensuring the customer understands the option isn’t available for their order. As with up-sell combos, prices of split pizzas are displayed as they develop on an order.

Employee Management

Designed with operators on-the-go in mind, our new employee management updates now allow you to manage your employee time clock directly on the point of sale (POS). Our update to employee management lets business owners take a group of employees/users and assign them permissions to multiple establishments at the same time. This will allow rapid management permissions across a large number of stores.

Kitchen Display System

In the chaos of a busy kitchen, visual cues reign supreme. Our update to the Kitchen Display System (KDS) will include new paid stamps to show when an order has been fully paid, tile coloring to show how long an order has been open, and tagged view, making it easier for a kitchen staffer to see exactly how many of a particular item to make.  We have also updated the default template and instituted a set of options for KDS prints within the kitchen print settings. Together, these updates should make for smoother order flow and even more efficient kitchens at your establishments. 

Learn more about what Revel update 2.55 has to offer on our support page.