An All-in-One Platform for Pizzerias

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | July 10, 2019 |

Product Features

Revel Simplifies Pizzeria Management

Revel has emerged as a front-runner in delivering point of sale solutions for pizza restaurant owners. Based on hundreds of implementations at pizza restaurants, the solution’s out of the box offering comes pre-configured with key features that simplify your operations and keep your business running smoothly. Here is a closer look at Revel’s all-in-one platform for pizzerias, built to propel your business forward. 

Delivery Management

Revel’s pizza solution offers world-class delivery management capabilities, making it easy to track orders from start to finish. Comprehensive tools monitor delivery progress, estimate delivery time, and store order details and driver histories. The system optimizes delivery routes by calculating the time it takes to prepare food and adding that to the time it takes to deliver an order to the customer. 

The delivery console also includes a structured end-of-delivery procedure to maintain accurate delivery reports. Delivery drivers will be able to process dozens of orders at once, minimizing time and clicks within the system.

Native Online Ordering

If you offer online ordering, Revel’s pizza solution allows you to set an estimated preparation time for your items. Once an order is placed, your customer will then see a projected time frame for when their item is ready for pickup. With more customers looking to place online orders, Revel’s pizza solution simplifies the ordering experience with an intuitive user interface that only requires a few clicks for a customer to complete an order. 

Additionally, the offering’s end-to-end workflow management ensures online orders are filled quickly and accurately while keeping the customer informed throughout the process. Increased order precision will result in a positive user experience.

Dedicated Pizza Customer Support

If issues arise, you will now receive even faster issue resolution with a dedicated customer support phone line. From the Revel Support Center, you’ll be prompted to indicate that you are a pizza client. The line is staffed with reps who understand the pizza business and every facet of Revel’s pizza solution.

Detailed Inventory Management

The pizza solution also supports inventory management in real time by maintaining a precise view of inventory down to the ingredient level. Users can track topping ingredient levels with every order processed and determine variances based on what’s expected compared to what is used. In addition, pizzerias can remember their customers’ favorite pie choices with Revel’s built-in customer relationship management (CRM). Pizzerias offering loyalty programs will benefit from the solution’s fully automated registration process that makes signing up customers fast and easy.

Revel’s POS pizza solution is the only all-in-one platform for pizzerias. Its variety of features are optimized to simplify the pizza owner’s day to day operations, at scale.