Four Quick and Simple Ways to Delight Your Customers

Revel Blog | Kelsey Larsen | April 24, 2019 |

Lead with Customer Service

Extraordinary customer service is a pillar of any successful business. There are many great customer engagement integrations for your Revel point of sale (POS), but did you know Revel also has built-in, customer-focused features?

Here are four ways Revel will help you delight your customers:

1. Customer Notes

This is a simple setting that exists in the customer details on your management console. Any information you enter here will be visible to your employees on the POS when you pull up the customer’s entry.

Consider using this field to note table preferences for your loyal regulars (for example, “loves table 34” or “booth only”). You can also include information about allergies, dislikes, clothing size, favorite brands, or any other details that help your staff engage with customers on a deeper level.

Customer notes The customer notes section is a great way to add personal information about your customers. Your employees will be able to view the notes any time they pull up the customer entry on the point of sale.

2. Customer Discounts

Use customer discounts in conjunction with customer groups to reward loyal customers, keep track of employees who receive employee discounts, and automatically remove tax for tax-exempt customers, like teachers and military personnel.

Create customer discounts that will automatically activate when an applicable customer is attached to an order on the POS. You can create basic discounts, like 10% or $10 off, or you can create more involved discounts, like buy 2 coffees, get a cookie for free.

Customer discounts Use customer discounts in conjunction with customer groups to show your loyal customers some love!

3. House Accounts

House accounts are the perfect way to make visitors feel like family.

A house account allows customers to keep a running tab with your business. This option lets individual clients or businesses enjoy the convenience of taking their goods now and paying for them later.

You can even bill house accounts directly from the management console with a single click.

House accounts House accounts are great way to make visitors feel like family. House accounts essentially allow customers to "put it on their tab"; they can take now and pay later. You can also easily send their bills from the management console with just one click.

4. Order Reports

Generate a customers’ orders report to see what your customers are buying, and when they are buying those items. This report is granular, and can offer insights specific to a single shopper.

You can use information from the customers’ orders report to create personalized email marketing campaigns, or send customers special offers for products you know they’ll love based on their order history.

Customer order report The customers' orders report is a great tool to see exactly what your customers are buying, and when. Use this data to create custom email marketing campaigns to truly delight your customers.

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