Three Steps to Your Inventory Ordering Breakthrough

Revel Blog | Kelsey Larsen | April 17, 2019 |

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Managing Inventory Management

Managing a business is a full-time job—and then some, and then some, and THEN some! We know there are many challenges competing for your time and attention, including staffing, menu curation, customer experience, marketing, inventory ordering and more.

Inventory management—ordering, counting, auditing, reordering, and returning—can quickly turn into a merciless endeavor, especially if you don’t have a streamlined system in place.

Fortunately, Revel’s point of sale (POS) solution can turn your inventory nightmare into an easy and automated process.

Here are three steps to streamline your inventory management:

1. Set Automatic Reorder Notifications

You’ll never find yourself with insufficient inventory again with Revel’s automatic reorder notifications.

Simply set your low-threshold counts, and whenever a product or ingredient falls below its threshold, you’ll receive an email notification that it’s time to reorder.

Revel's management console offers functions, like reorder notifications, to make inventory ordering a breeze.

2. Configure Automatic Purchase Order Creation

Gone are the days of confusing and extensive purchase orders (POs). Revel does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically generating the PO and allowing you to send it to the vendor directly from your management console.

Here’s the really great part: when you mark a PO as received, your inventory numbers automatically increase!

3. Simplify Returns with Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

When the inevitable happens and you receive unsatisfactory inventory, you can send it back to the vendor in less than a minute through Revel’s RMA functionality.

As soon as you approve the RMA, your inventory numbers will automatically adjust.

For detailed setup tutorials, visit our Help Site. Our Low Stock Alerts & Reordering, Creating Purchase Orders and Return Merchandise Authorizations tutorials will give you all the information you need for inventory ordering ease!