4 Pizza-Specific Updates You'll Love

Revel Blog | Kelsey Larsen | February 27, 2019 |

Product Features

Revel Knows Pizza

The Revel cloud-based POS has helped hundreds of pizza shop owners successfully run their business and improve operational efficiency.  We've used that experience to inform our product development and design capabilities that make it even easier to run a successful pizzeria.

Check out some of our favorite updates from Version 2.48 designed to make your pizza business run smoother!

Price Configuration for Split Modifiers—

You can now set split modifiers to divide the price of the whole modifier or to remain the same as the whole modifier. For example, if pepperoni costs $1 on a whole pizza, you can set it to cost .50 cents for just half the pizza or keep it set to the $1 price regardless if it’s split or not.

Item Specific Pricing for Modifiers—

You can now set prices per modifier, instead of just per modifier group. For instance, if pepperoni and green bell peppers were both in the pizza toppings modifier group, you can set the price for pepperoni at $1 and the price for green bell peppers as .30 cents.



Separate Default Amounts for Virtual Tills—

Virtual tills are designed so the delivery drivers can have an off-site “till” on them at all times. Now you can set the specific starting amount of the virtual till independently of what the starting amount for the actual till is. For instance, you can set the virtual till amount as $20 and the actual till amount as $200.

Delivery Tickets Now Include More Customer Information—

Delivery tickets have been updated to include the customer’s last name initial. This will help you differentiate your delivery orders for accurate and speedy delivery!