Como Sense & Revel POS Integrate for Better Target Marketing

Revel Blog | Revel | February 1, 2019 |

Product Features

Prioritizing Loyalty Tools

In today’s competitive restaurant and retail landscape, spray and pray just won’t cut it. Modern consumers are looking for a personalized experience, and that means integrating a sophisticated customer engagement and marketing suite like Como Sense with your Revel point of sale system.

According to an Infosys study, 59% of consumers reported that personalization significantly influenced what they purchased. Meanwhile, Econsultancy found that 93% of companies saw an uptick in conversion rates due to personalized marketing efforts.

What does that mean for the world of POS? According to Hospitality Technology Magazine’s “POS of the Future Predictions & Insights” report, 61% of restaurant operators are prioritizing loyalty tools as a must-have component for future POS functionality. Not only do these savvy operators understand that loyalty tools keep customers—well, loyal—the tools also serve as a means for collecting valuable customer data, which brings us to our next point…

61%of operators say that being able to use data to understand guest preferences and behavior is the top driver influencing a POS upgrade. With customer data in hand, these operators are able to target marketing campaigns to the right audience at the right time to keep customers coming back for more.

Simply put, you’ll need to reward loyal customers and implement a sophisticated personalized marketing program in order to compete. Thankfully, Como Sense allows you to do just that from directly within your Revel POS. Here’s how:

Easy Integration

As a premier partner of Revel Systems, Como is already fully integrated with the POS system you already use. This means that implementation is simple, as many Revel merchants have already discovered. Just contact your account manager to have Como Sense added to your POS, and you can start collecting and analyzing valuable customer data immediately, allowing you to better understand your guests and personalize their experiences accordingly.

Loyalty Program Management

Once you’ve integrated Como with Revel, you can add loyalty program members or identify existing ones from within your POS, making program management seamless. You can then view each member’s purchases, points, rewards, redemption history, and more.

Campaign Targeting

Como Sense collects and analyzes your customer data for you and creates custom-made marketing campaigns based on this data. These campaigns target various audience segments with personalized, relevant offers so that vegans aren’t bombarded with emails about surf ‘n turf specials and college students aren’t getting texts about children’s menus. Customers only receive offers based on past user behavior, including items they may be interested in based on past purchases.

Measurable Results

When you’re no longer wasting money on spray-and-pray mass marketing campaigns, you’ll soon see the cost-benefit of customer segmentation and personalization. A future-proof POS system like Revel Systems in combination with Como Sense will bring you measurable, sustainable growth in terms of both customer loyalty and ROI.

Ready to grow your business in 2019? Como Sense is already inside your Revel POS and waiting for you to make your move. Contact your Revel account manager to get started!