What to Expect from Revel Update 2.43

Revel Blog | Revel | September 25, 2018 |


With Revel’s 2.43 update on the horizon, we're thrilled to bring you a small update, with big enhancements. This update provides improvements to customer and employee engagement, while also bridging the gaps in your daily processes. With all of the new enhancements and updates, here are a few that Revel is most excited for:

Tip Pooling

We've made it easier to divide pooled tips with an update to the way our program calculates tip pooling. The 2.43 update calculates tip pooling so that tips are divided based on role (as opposed evenly), also reflecting the number of hours worked. This is a significant update because it now empowers managers to divvy up tips by role and amount of time worked.


Employee Time Management

This update brings a new tool to help you provide more transparency to your team. By enabling the new “Time Management for Employees” feature in the Management Console, your employees can access their time cards directly from the POS, helping your team to accurately manage their time worked directly from their workstation. Turn this feature on and let individuals see their clock in / out status as well as hours worked.

All employees who have been given the new "Time Management for Employees" role permission will now be able to access their Time Management directly from the POS and see their clock-in status and time cards for themselves only. This allows employees to accurately time manage themselves, without having to leave their workstation.

Delivery Management

If you’ve ever faced the challenge that comes with a delivery driver forgetting part of an order, or an order entirely, this update is for you. With the new update, delivery managers can now unassign an order from a driver, then reassign that order to another driver. You can also now require additional security measures including requiring delivery drivers to have an active virtual till prior to receiving order assignments.

Custom Buttons on Dashboard

Are you a fan of the current customizable action buttons? Well great news, these are also getting an upgrade. You can now choose to display your custom buttons on the home dashboard in addition to the order action buttons on the order screen. If you select a small tile button, it will be displayed at the top of the dashboards, and large tile buttons will display on the bottom of the dashboard.



These are just a few of the upgrades coming with Revel’s 2.43 update. To learn more about all of the updates coming with 2.43, check out our 2.43 support page.