Restaurant iPad POS vs Android POS [Comparison]

Revel Blog | Revel | September 29, 2020 |

iPad POS Technology

Choosing the Right Point of Sale for Your Restaurant

Today's business owners have much to consider when it comes to technology deployment, including the long-term implications of their decisions. Restaurant operators considering cloud-based technology solutions for their point of sale (over the higher-cost, less fluid option of server-based legacy solutions) still have more factors to weigh. One of those is whether to choose an iPad- or Android-based solution. As with any major decision, there are pros and cons to both options. At Revel, we've thoroughly considered these, and believe the iPad is the way to go. Here's why:

Benefits of An iPad vs. Android System

#1 Peace of Mind

Restaurants and retailers are especially susceptible to data breaches, and demand for security has never been greater. A major consideration for Revel choosing to run on iOS is Apple’s commitment to security. Since iOS was released, there have been no major cyberattacks or malware issues with the software. Android devices, on the other hand, are the main target of malware. A report by F-Secure says 99 percent of all malware targeting mobile devices is designed for Android.

Revel provides users a secure system with a POS that leverages the inherent security of iOS. Our users can safely process payments, maintain their CRM, and enjoy a set of rich access controls.

#2  Seamless Hardware and Software Integration

With Apple products—the iPad included—Apple owns both the hardware and the software (iOS) supporting and powering your technology. The advantage to that is, iOS and hardware work in tandem to help you run your business intuitively, efficiently, and securely.

#3  Sleek Design

Revel works closely with Apple to align the look and feel of our technology with the design that helps Apple stand out from the rest. The sleek design of our iPad point of sale fits every counter, elevates your image, and helps extend your brand.

#4  Apple Pay

Specifically designed to work congruently with other products in the Apple ecosystem, iPad POS systems work well with Apple Pay—the most popular method for mobile payments in the market. With an iPad point of sale, your customers have even more payment options at their disposal.

Support For Every Stage of Your Business

No matter the technology you use, there is no denying the value of personal service. With Revel, whether you need assistance as you prepare to open or you seek ongoing account management to ensure your business success, our dedicated service professionals are just a phone call away. We offer free 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.

Our assistance doesn’t stop there. You can utilize Revel’s experts to install your POS hardware, train you on how to ensure your system stays running smoothly, help set up your POS backend, and provide one-on-one support with technical questions and best practices.  

"The installation time and training with Revel is simple and fast. It’s a very easy transition and new employees get it within just a few minutes." Fred Morga, Fired Pie

Make the Change Today

Are you ready to make the switch to Revel's iPad point of sale and dedicated support team? Connect with one of our representatives today to learn more and take the next steps in your journey to business success.