3 Must-Use Features to Increase Efficiency

Revel Blog | Revel | June 12, 2018 |

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So, you just purchased your brand-new Revel POS system, and you can't wait to begin using it. By now you know that your new system includes many features that will help you run your business more efficiently. But, out of those features, which ones will help you manage your most important assets? Here are three features that will help cut down on the time spend on your operate your restaurant smoothly and efficiently.

1) Product Management & Menu Building

Create your menu in your image. Like most places, you may run your restaurant with a revolving menu. With Revel, you can create new menu items on the Management Console and push changes to your POS with the tap of a button.  You can also streamline the process of updating your menu using spreadsheets; this will allow you to update several menu items simultaneously, rather than updating each item individually. Once you’ve built out your menu, you can enable special menus, ie. a happy hour menu, that are only available during certain times.


2) Employee Management

What's one of the most significant concerns for every restaurant owner? Surprisingly, it's not kitchen operations; instead, a common challenge for restaurant owners is keeping up with employee management. Whether it's keeping track of how many hours employees are working, scheduling employees, or even onboarding new employees, having a cohesive management system can reduce the time spent managing your team and work to relieve these issues.

Utilizing these employee management features - which are built into the Revel ecosystem - streamlines how you manage your employees. With intuitive scheduling and employee reporting features.

Ginger Elizabeth Hanh, the owner of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, tells us how she likes to use the employee management function in the Management Console. “We definitely use the employee scheduling feature. We use it to manage the clock ins and outs, create a schedule for our employees, and even email the schedules to them shortly after.”

3) Inventory Tracking

Keeping track of your inventory is a full-time job within itself. Luckily, with the inventory management functionality within the management console, there are automated tools to make tracking a breeze. Set up low stock alerts that notify you when inventory drops below a certain point and set up automatic purchase order creation to get you ready to order more when the time is right. Use Revel to automate your inventory management and never worry about running out of stock again.

Like most of us, you have your phone within arm’s reach 24/7. So why not use your hand-held device to help streamline your business? With Revel’s Inventory App you can manage your inventory more efficiently than ever. Use your phone as a barcode scanner and inventory management tool to ensure that your inventory records stay accurate. Sync your data from the Inventory App right to your Management Console and maintain a clear view of your inventory levels.