How Digital Assistants Can Bring Joy To Your SMB

Revel Blog | Revel | December 28, 2017 |

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Digital Assistants are here to stay! In case you are wondering what they are, think Siri (Apple), or Cortana (Microsoft) or Alexa (Amazon). With the AI proliferation we are seeing, the expected native installed base of digital assistants on mobile devices is set to exceed 7.5 billion active devices by 2021. That’s more than the world population. But what exactly can a digital assistant do for your SMB?

Meet Joy from JoyUp – Revel’s newest partner, and a digital assistant designed for SMBs. It’s a multi-faceted tool, integrated into your business operating platform that can help you solve for well-known SMB pain points. Joy can including:

  • Create targeted, social, and conversational digital marketing campaigns
  • Increase social engagement and repeat orders
  • Increase workflow efficiency and save operational burden – Joy can take orders over the bot and direct customers to the storefront for pickup
  • Capture customer and sales data

When 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments, having an intentional social marketing strategy is critical if you’re going to take the next step – just ask some of the biggest QSR’s. Taco Bell, Domino’s, and Chipotle are already employing digital assistants to reach new consumers and continuing to find innovative ways to use them.

Here’s four ways Joy can immediately deliver value to your SMB.


Once a digital assistant is loaded into your platform, customers can interact with it via Facebook Messenger. After one interaction, your digital assistant will instantly capture customer insights like product affinities and leverage them in a variety of ways.

It can also increase incremental sales. About 60% of customers are repeat users so creating a positive loop of brand interaction, convenient ordering, and conversational marketing can increase your bottom line and grow your business.


One of the most valuable parts of implementing a digital marketing strategy is the ability to hyper-target consumers with relevant offers and information at key points throughout the day. With a digital assistant, you’ll have access to a wealth of specific information to create an easy social marketing campaign that can run on a pre-defined cadence (set it and forget it) if you so desire. You can not only continually engage with your loyal customers, but can also target new customer pools to increase your fan-dom!

Typically, to do this takes a lot of time, or money (or both!). But, with Joy, you can check to accomplish this on a daily basis in a matter of minutes, with no additional infrastructure needs! And, Joy provides instant impressions at a fraction of the price compared to media agencies.

Here’s a story from Phat Thai SF, a popular SF food truck, “Now we have a strong community of repeat customers. We can broadcast messages and get repeat customers in no time. Our online engagements are comparable to much bigger restaurants, and we have a much smaller budget compared to other top-tier Thai restaurants that run high paid sponsored ads.”

The digital space is primed for hyper-targeted marketing and Joy can help you reap the rewards in a simple and easy way.


Long lines are great for PR but can leave your customers with a negative experience. Joy lets customers order through Facebook messenger and skip the line or order ahead. Best of all, the order is sent straight into your kitchen without adding another device to your work chain.

You can also use Joy to broadcast essential business information. For example, instead of your staff pausing to give out the WiFi password or take a call to tell someone your store is open, customers can hop on Facebook messenger and ask your digital assistant. It’s time saved and empowers your customer.


Data tracking and management, customer research and insights, digital marketing, workflow efficiency… Devoting budget and time to any one of these areas can come at a high price, but a digital assistant can create a significant impact in all of them at one, low-risk price.

Here is a case study of how Joy helped VeganBurg drive digital engagement and incremental orders.



via VeganBurg SFO

Joy offers multiple plans depending on the size and needs of your SMB. To sign up for Joy or just say “Hi”, hop over their site and see if she’s the right hire to help drive your digital marketing strategy.