3 Ways to Attract (and Keep) Millennial Diners

The Scoop on Millennial Diners

Millennials are spending more money eating out than any other generation, according to Fortune. This group, made up of adults in their early 20’s through early 30’s, now makes up the largest generation in the workforce, according to Pew Research. More than any group before them, millennials are spending their hard earned money on dining experiences.

With this information, you should be asking yourself, how can my restaurant reach this group and benefit from the trend of eating out? Checkout these three ways to connect to millennial diners:

Understand What Matters

To attract millennial diners, it’s important to tap into their values. Understanding what matters to them, and then using those insights to make business decisions can have an impact on your bottom line. Here are a couple millennial values that resonate across the restaurant industry:

Food Quality Matters. Salad and healthy food restaurants are on the rise, why? Because millennials are demanding healthy, quick options. Take note of this integrate healthy options, when possible.

The TOMs effect. Millennials grew up alongside the boom of businesses like TOMS, which give a shoe to a child in need for every shoe purchased, and take corporate social justice seriously. Your restaurant can do small things like feeding homeless, organize a fundraiser, or get involved with food-based non-profits.


Make sure your business has a presence on the social channels that millennials use. That means, while Facebook may be one of your go-to’s, think about putting more effort into your Instagram to reach millennials. Think about Instagram in two ways:

  • Your Instagram presence
  • Your community on Instagram

Enhancing your business’ Instagram page with compelling, up-to-date content encourages engagement. Further, by creating a community of active customers, you extend the reach of your brand. The more your customers post photos of your establishment and / or food, the wider your reach grows.

Yelp is another important platform to focus on. You want your reviews to reflect the best of your business, because when hungry diners are out looking for their next meal, Yelp is a common starting place - according to Yelp, 18 to 34 year olds comprise the largest group of users. To reach this group, you can employ a few tactics to encourage a consistent flow of reviews:

  • Place a sign in your establishment. You can get a Find Us On Yelp sticker here!
  • Offer check-in deals. Yelp makes it easy to set up discounts for customers who check-in to your location

Mobile Friendly = Millennial Friendly

Millennials, grew up with mobile devices and phones are nearly an extension of their being. As phones have gotten smarter, they are becoming a tool that is used for virtually every facet of life. To accommodate that, there are several things your business can do:

  • Mobile devices have surpassed desktop devices, it’s just not enough to have a website anymore, now it’s important to have a mobile friendly restaurant website to reach your target audience
  • Want to keep millennials in your business? Wifi and charging stations work to encourage a longer stay
  • Online ordering is an option that opens your business open to more business. Let your busy diners order ahead and drop by your restaurant to pick up dinner on the go

Implementing these tips is a great first step to attracting millennial diners. To see how your point of sale (POS) can factor into attracting and retaining this group, request a free demo of Revel's cloud-based, iPad POS today.