6 Ways To Market Your Kiosk

Revel Blog | Revel | September 14, 2017 |

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According to a recent survey, 85% of Americans and 91% of Millennials have used a self-service kiosk. And with consumers becoming increasingly more comfortable using self-service technology, businesses are quickly adopting kiosks.

With the addition of any new technology, there may be some hesitance or confusion. To ease the transition for your risk-averse customers, it is important to not just outline the value proposition of kiosks but show them how to use it.

To truly maximize your investment in self-service kiosks, delight your customers, and drive revenue – you need to market your kiosk.

1. Educate Your Employees

The first step is to teach your employees the ins and outs of your new technology. In fact, 75% of customers have a better experience if they use self-serve tablets; especially if staff are available to show them how to use them. By directing customers to the Kiosk and instructing them how to use it, first-time users will become regulars much quicker.

2. Optimize Signage

Placing a machine in your restaurant alone won’t bring in new orders. It’s important to add signage to the self-service station for clarity and guidance. A simple ‘Order Here’ sign leads your customers to utilize the Kiosk to place orders. Similarly for take out or grab and go orders, signage helps to make the Kiosk’s purpose clear. Try out a fun sign to ease any hesitation, clear confusion, and help to improve overall service.


(Source: Seoyek)

3. Strategic Placement

Self-service kiosks serve a different purpose for each establishment. For example, if you are a coffee shop that sells easy grab-and-go items, it makes sense to create a dedicated space that highlights your food and allows customers to check out and go.

Or, if you are using your kiosk for self-ordering, place your kiosk where your line typically forms. By understanding how your business will use kiosks, you can strategically place them to get more traffic and allow your staff to focus on high value tasks.

Once you’ve got your kiosk setup for optimal use, move on to more outward forms of marketing and promotion.

4. Reach Out to Your Current Customers

Use email marketing to inform your customers of the new addition to your business! Let them know you have a kiosk, and invite your loyal customers in to test it out. This a great reason to re-engage with customers who may have become less frequent visitors.

5. Launch a Loyalty Program

Adding a self-Service Kiosk is the perfect opportunity to also introduce a loyalty program. Integrate a loyalty program into your kiosk and reward your loyal customers for ordering or making purchases from the Kiosk.

6. Offer Exclusive Promos

Offer customers promotions or discounts, available exclusively on the kiosk. For example, at your hamburger restaurant, offer the kiosk Combo, a special hamburger/fries/soft drink combo offered exclusively on the Kiosk. Incentivize your customers to try out your kiosk.


(Source: Ignify)

Whether you are using your kiosk for self-ordering or for self-checkout in your establishment, it is important to use marketing to promote the new tool. By ensuring your customers and staff are educated and excited about your kiosk, you’ll keep a constant stream of business flowing through your kiosks. Learn more about how Revel's Self-Service Kiosks can drive business and engage customers.