Introducing Revel University

We are very excited to unveil our latest customer experience project, Revel University, an online onboarding and training video platform available to all customers. The website features a repository of quick training videos that capture everything a customer needs to know in order to get up and running with Revel.

To dive deeper into this new initiative we sat down with Anna Kessel, Revel’s Corporate Training Team Lead, and asked her a few questions. ANNA

How did Revel University come to be?

The training team originally thought of Revel University over a year ago when we began building our how-to video library. We partnered with the Marketing team to create various function specific videos, and ended up with a catalog of content. As we were brainstorming ways to expand our customers’ experience, we decided to hone in on our library of video content, and thus Revel University was born.

What is Revel University?

Revel University is a comprehensive resource for our customers that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. It is a video-based training guide, with all the content necessary for customers to get up and running and use Revel to its fullest potential, so they can truly revel in their success.

The content is organized by QSR, TSR, and Retail, and provides a curated playlist tailored to your business type.

How does this interplay with our online support page?

Revel University is supplementary to our online support page. All training videos moved from the support page and are now housed on our Revel University page. And each video has a link to a knowledge based article in case the customer needs a little more information. The great part of having dual support sites working in conjunction, means we can cater to different types of learners (text or video).  

Where else can our customers find support, get help, or just get their voice heard here at Revel?

As we continue improving the customer experience we hope to establish Revel University and our support page as the initial and primary recourse for help. Customers can easily navigate through the many tools and find exactly what they’re looking for. They can also join us in our nearly weekly webinars to learn about specific features and have the opportunity to get questions answered right away from our training team.

If customers are looking for ways to streamline different parts of their business, they can reach out to their sales rep and learn about other aspects of Revel that can help them become even more efficient. They can even suggest a new feature through a form that goes to our product team. And of course, the support team is still there to help them with those tricky situations! You can find your local support contact information here.

We are not only listening to our customers, we hear them and we’re taking action! Revel University is a huge step in our customer experience, and will make a remarkable difference in how our customers’ can get the guidance and help they need to use Revel to its fullest potential.Revel University