How Revel Protects Your Restaurant Against Data Breaches

Restaurant owners are replacing their bulky legacy systems for a sleek and feature-rich point of sale platform to streamline their operations and modernize their business. A major consideration behind the movement towards next generation point of sale platforms is security.

Restaurants are a popular target for hackers, and data security has become one of the greatest threats to a restaurant’s bottom line and reputation.

A study by Trustwave reported that the top four types of businesses most susceptible to compromise are restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and gas stations. And a recent incident from a restaurant chain, Shoney’s, substantiates restaurants’ vulnerability to breaches. Shoney’s faced a recent data security attack that compromised customers’ data from 37 of their locations and this incident is only just the latest in a string of breaches at massive restaurant chains.

Revel’s Point of Sale platform, architected for security, enables business owners to stay steps ahead of hackers. By investing in Point of Sale security, not only will your customers’ data be protected, but it can potentially save your business millions of dollars in legal fees and lost profits.

How does Revel protect your restaurant against data breaches?

PCI/P2PE Compliance

In the case of Shoney’s data breach, a data security investigation firm found that the credit card numbers were compromised because malware was installed remotely into their Point of Sale. And for some Point of Sale systems, the customer data is stored within the system, which makes it easier for malware to access the cardholder name, card number, expiration date and internal verification code.

To eliminate this vulnerability, no customer data is hosted within the Revel POS or Revel cloud. Instead, Revel sends encrypted card data from the swipe device directly through the gateway to the processor. The card data is encrypted at the swipe with a proprietary 256-Ace bit encryption and then goes straight to the payment server – cited by the PCI SSC as a crucial requirement of a secure POS system.

So unlike other systems, which allows data to enter the terminal as well as the back-office server, Revel ensures a secure transaction by sending data directly where it needs to go; this process works through Point-to-Point Encrypted card swipes. Revel has been at the forefront of PCI Compliance, working with PCI compliant payment partners and developing a PCI compliant cloud technology, to ensure the highest level of security and reduce credit card fraud.

EMV Compliance

As is the case for Shoney’s and many breaches at massive restaurant chains, it is easier to compromise data from the magnetic stripe of the card (non-EMV) as opposed to the EMV compliant chip cards.

What makes the chip cards more secure? The chip encrypts each payment with a unique transaction code, and card data never has to enter the Point of Sale. This encryption protects cardholder information, reducing the likelihood for data theft and card-skimming.

Integrating directly with EMV readers, the Revel iPad POS System provides EMV compatibility. Years before EMV-compliance became a requirement, Revel Systems led the movement to boost security and flexibility on all sides, so retailers and their customers benefit.

Remote Monitoring

In October 2016, Revel launched RevelGuard, a hardware device that monitors the network health and builds alerts for clients with POS terminals using Revel. The information collected by RevelGuard can be remotely accessed by our Support team to assist in repairing any issues that might arise on a user’s network or devices. When a user contacts Support regarding a specific network or device malfunction, the log created by RevelGuard can provide the support agent with a snapshot of the system’s current state.

Our VP of Engineering, Will Greene, discusses what Revel monitors and how it improves security. “As Revel has adopted a remote monitoring strategy, we've had to take an in-depth look at what data is being sent and where it's being sent to.” Because Revel doesn’t require additional ports or firewall reconfigurations to access this data, control is precise.

Will says, “[Control] can be managed down to the user or IP address level when or if access is needed. The nature of adding in the monitoring created audit trails and notifications for all activities.”

Maintain peace of mind, stay in compliance, prevent data breaches, and follow best practices with cutting-edge security features for your Point of Sale. Choose Revel Systems, the frontrunner in the POS security space, that has led the way with every security feature your business needs.