Top 5 Tips to Get Your Business Noticed

The first step to winning a customer’s patronage is to get their attention. That’s why marketing is so important to every business, whether you’re an established player or new to the game. The good news is, there are many ways to get your message out there, some more affordable than others. Stay creative and get noticed with our top 5 tips:

1. Post Digital Menu Boards. Sixty-three percent of people report that digital signage grabs their attention, and according to the latest TechSci research report, digital signage is projected to experience a 22 percent annual growth rate in the next five years.

In quick-service restaurants, where the drive-through accounts for 50 to 70 percent of sales, digital menu boards reduce customer perception of wait time and persuade people away from value menus, increasing their average spending total. Inside the restaurant, digital menu boards encourage customers to eat in; The Wendy’s Company reports up to 45 percent more internal dining with the help of digital menu boards.

2. Go Mobile. Take your restaurant to the streets with the addition of a food truck or farmers market presence. The farmers market is a great place to get to know area residents and differentiate your offering to potential customers. Be prepared with business cards and fliers/coupons to promote walk-ins at your brick-and-mortar establishment.

3. Show Off with Photos. Just as people use photos to share their life stories on social media (Instagram has more than 300 million users, and more than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day), businesses do well to communicate a visual story that pulls customers in with a personal connection.

Who are you as a business? Are you fun, sophisticated, modern, serious? How is your product used out in the world? High-quality professional or DIY photos rather than stock images can answer these questions, create lasting first impressions, and represent your brand in an exciting way.

4. Use Email Marketing. Seventy-seven percent of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages from businesses via email. That’s a clear majority. Email newsletters are a convenient way to dangle freebies, share links with business partners, and promote your website and social media accounts.

5. Accept Online Orders. Two billion people use smartphones today, and they’re shopping for everything from food to shoes with the push of a smartphone button. Don’t be left out of the loop. Implementing a quick online ordering process can help to minimize lines at your restaurant or retail store and keep both in-house and on-the-go customers happy.

Are you ready to get noticed? Stay engaged with customers and respond to feedback in real-time by integrating your social media accounts with your POS system. The Revel iPad Point of Sale System sends push notifications from Yelp and Foursquare and the ability to tweet directly from your Point of Sale, so staying in touch with customers is easy and broadcasting updates is free. Schedule a live demo to find out more.