Tech Tip: Build Your Own Gift Card Program

Is a Gift Card Program Right for Your Business?

Attention, all business owners! Would you like to offer gift cards to all valuable customers? Yes! A no brainer, right? Well, did you know that Revel iPad POS allows customers to pay using Gift Cards? You can quickly setup your very own customizable gift card program and start increasing sales, today. As a business owner, a Gift Card program gives you the opportunity to offer new or returning customers an incentive to buy more. Create a special relationship with your customer and give them more than one reason to keep coming back!

The gift card feature allows businesses to load gift cards with any amount on the Management Console and then sell them using the Revel POS. Revel’s Gift Card system is ahead of the curve. Unlike other POS systems that charge a percentage for gift card usage, Revel offers a Flat Rate for UNLIMITED usage. Gift cards are fully integrated with Revel card swipes to ensure quick and smooth transactions.Gift card

It’s easy to build your gift card program with Revel POS. Get more sales by giving customers the option to purchase and use gift cards. Be in control of your entire gift card program, from choosing permission sets to accessing performance reporting. Even customize your gift cards according to your overall brand and let a Revel partner handle the production. Start building your gift card program today. Revel also offers card less gift card program. Go green!

Revel Systems currently provides its own proprietary solution for Gift Cards. Revel Systems has also partnered up with other vendors that provide their own Gift Card solutions that are directly integrated into the POS.

  • Go Index
  • Mercury Gift Cards
  • Valutec
  • Givex
  • Synergy
  • To learn how to setup your very own Gift Card program, click here.