Calling All Retailers: How to Understand Your Customer Needs

Retailers always have difficulties trying to manage all aspects of their business. With so many different aspects to consider, how could you not run into the occasional road bump? This all used to be difficult for retail owners before Revel Systems’ iPad Point of Sale (POS). Did you know that 64% of single-store retailers still don’t have a POS system in place? That is an extremely shocking fact when you take into consideration how helpful a POS system can be.

A POS system can transform your entire business while allowing you to better understand how your business operates. With a click of a button you can see all the data necessary to run a more successful retail store than ever before. Software Advice, a third-party POS system research site, explains that there are five main features to help enhance a retail store, covering everything from when the customer first steps in the store to when they check out. The most important feature in this list, however, is customer management because who is a business without its customers?

software advice retail chart 1

Customers are what makes your business successful so it is important to entice them to shop at your store instead of a competitor's. Recognizing when they spend a certain amount of money and rewarding them with discounts is a good start to make them look at your store over another. It is becoming increasingly important to identify your valuable shoppers. With 66% of customers likely to stop shopping if they are not recognized as a loyal shopper, it is a necessity to start a program to reward these loyal customers.

software advice retail chart 2

Identifying who your loyal customers are and understanding exactly who they are is easier than ever before with Revel Systems. With Revel’s Customer Relationship Management feature you can analyze each customer’s order history to learn exactly what your customer wants out of a rewards program. Managing contact information and loyalty points is also a breeze within the POS. Learn more about Revel Systems and how you can form better relationships with your customers today!