Top Foods for Delivery

Revel Blog | Revel | October 20, 2014 |

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There was a time when just a few of your favorite neighborhood restaurants offered home delivery. Your local pizza place or perhaps that great Chinese spot were at the top of the list as perennial delivery choices. These days there are an incredible amount of home delivery options available. Your choices can range from the basics, to dinner party quality options from gourmet quality eating establishments. These choices have allowed for the creation of an entirely new business endeavor – home food delivery companies. A 2013 story on Chicago Business claims the value of the meal delivery industry is now one billion dollars.

A report on reports about 60 percent of Americans ordered takeout or delivery food at least once a week, and 24 percent order takeout or delivery food two to three times a week.

With all of the choices available for home delivery, pizza remained the favorite in 2013. Consumers spent over $32 billion dollars on pizza in 2013 with $10 billion of that coming from home delivery alone. Other popular delivery food choices include: sandwiches and burgers, Chinese food, chicken wings and Mexican food.

Home delivery has quickly become a huge part of the restaurant industry, and competition will only increase over time. That’s why Revel has developed the first iPad POS system designed to oversee all facets of your delivery business. The Revel POS Delivery Management Console is a turn-key solution to one of the most important aspects of your restaurant’s business model – making sure you get the deliveries right.

From the minute the order is taken, the Delivery Management Console tracks the order, keeps an eye on the time, follows specific details and delivers the data to the cloud. The ordering process has also never been easier:  Regardless of the order’s origination, in-person, phone or online, it’s automatically entered into the delivery queue. You can also accommodate a wide range of payment options including: PayPal, credit cards, gift certificates and yes, even cash. Your iPad POS system is also ready for the new Apple Pay option, available for preorder now.

When you use your Revel Customer Relationship Management feature in conjunction with the Delivery Management Console, you can assure that no order will ever be lost because the status of all orders and delivery drivers is constantly monitored. Customer tracking is also a breeze since the customers can be tracked by name, phone number or address. And, new customers are automatically entered into the database at the time of their first order.

We’re seeing an incredible increase in the home delivery side of the business. If your restaurant wants to gain market share in this huge growth segment, you’ll need to have the right tools on your side. Let Revel show you just how easy it is to upgrade to an iPad POS system that will save you time and money.