Top 5 Tools for Retail

Revel Blog | Revel | July 1, 2014 |

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Small business owners need quality tools to give them a competitive edge in today's world.  Mobile phones, cloud computing, and WiFi have finally allowed for enterprise technology to be accessible to all. We recognize the needs of business owners and have provided the top 5 features necessary to help your store run smoothly. Revel Systems makes running your store so easy and efficient that you won’t be afraid to take a day off -- a much needed break as summer approaches!

Intelligent Reporting
Revel gives retailers transparency over operational data so you can make strategic decisions on things like sales forecasting and staffing. Revel’s Intelligent Reporting gives you accurate insights on labor, inventory, and sales figures one needs to scale your business. Sales summary, hourly sales, product mix, order history, and payment summary are all a vital part of any business. Now you will have access to every detail of your business, and have all the tools available to make important informed decisions to keep costs down and maintain healthy profit margins. All of Revel’s reports are available in our cloud enabled platform so you can check them from anywhere.

Inventory Management
A retail store depends on a full stock of inventory to keep doing business day to day. Wouldn’t you love the chance to see exactly how many items you have in stock whenever you want? With Revel’s Inventory Management feature you can check in on your inventory in real time with our cloud based back end. This feature will even notify you if you are running low on any items so you can always be stocked up on popular items. Revel supports matrix inventory as well for those of you in the fashion industry.

Payroll Management
Calculating wages can be a hassle, especially with a lot of employees on different schedules and pay scales. Revel’s Payroll Management does all of the calculating for you and makes sure that all overtime and double time wages are calculated correctly. Employees can clock in and out right on the POS terminal, allowing for everything to be kept in one place and alleviating any controversy about when an employee actually began work. The payroll management feature is just one more tool necessary to help you run your business more smoothly.

Always On Mode
WiFi is great, except when it goes down. That’s why Revel was built with hybrid architecture, so you will never lose a sale due to a bad connection or loss of a WiFi signal. With Revel’s Always On Mode your business can run no matter what technical difficulties you have. While in Always On Mode you can still accept credit cards and all data will be locally stored, syncing with the cloud once connectivity returns. Never again will you have to deal with turning customers away due to connection issues beyond your control. All data is encrypted with each swipe, so your data still adheres to PCI compliance even when the system operates offline.

We are always trying to increase efficiency for customers while in a store. PayPal™ allows for a faster, safer way to pay and get paid either via a mobile device or in store. Customers will love how fast they are able to order and pay in your store! Since customers are already familiar with PayPal™, using it in combination with your POS system gives them a greater sense of security while in your store.

These are just 5 tools for retail among many that will help you run your store free of hassle. Make sure to check out all our iPad POS features to see how else Revel Systems can improve your business!